The Quarter Season Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings

We here at The Dream Shake are honored to take part in the Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings every few weeks.  Here we find ourselves at the Quarter way point of the NBA season and we get to host this weeks rankings.

Our esteemed colleagues:

Ryan McNeill from Hoops Addict
They do everything over at HA, even college basketball rankings, they have my Horns at number 5

College Wolf from TWolves Blog
This is one of the sites that got Dave and I completely in the game.  They do a phenomenal job over there.  I present to you the Kevin McHale era

Matt McHale from Basketbawful
In my best Ricky Bobby impression: If you don't read Basketbawful, F You! I need this jersey, Mom, can't you hear me from the basement??

Phx Stan from Bright Side of the Sun
One of our fellow SBNation sites, and the Suns just have such pretty colors.  They bring to you The Dramastache

David from The Dream Shake
That's us, just FYI, though as lazy as he was in putting the list together, I should have had Tom do it.  Lessons learned...

Joshua Coleman from 3 Shades of Blue
The Blogger Rankings round 8 are out, 3 Shades of Blue was gracious enough to host them

Fish from Dallas Basketball
Fellow Texas basketball fans bring you the Mavs Quarter season report card

Jonathan Somers-Harris from The Lakers Nation
In Kobe they trust.  Need a gift idea for a Lakers fan?  Here you go!

James Borbath from Dino Nation
It's always fun when the coach gets fired!

BenGo07 from Thank You Isiah
One Act Play

Raptors HQ
The Raptors new unis are still pretty sweet

Truth About It
Deshawn Stevenson has some sweet hair!

Don Landrigan from With Malice
I have to give Don some props, he gave the longest, most thought out answers of anyone.  I was impressed.  Here are his power rankings

Ben Golliver from Blazer's Edge
They aren't the highest rated team centric blog on BallHype for nothing.  I'm still mad about this game.  These guys have access most of us just dream of. 

Rob Mahoney from Upside and Motor
We're still upset that we weren't on the chart, but maybe this year!!

Zebulun Benbrook from Blue Blitz
Someone misses PJ Carlesimo?  I know Latrell doesn't

Alex from Brewhoop
The creator of this poll, the SBNation Bucks site who one day we hope to owe the fame of this poll to.  Heck, maybe they'll create a BCS for the MVP/ROY voting and we'll get a vote!  I mean, if the AP can give out trophies, maybe we can too
Why is Charlie Villanueva such a mystery?

Tom Ziller from Sactown Royalty
The Kings aren't getting better, but they do have one of the greatest blogs on the planet here at SBNation

John Karalis from Red's Army
The Celtics beat Utah to keep the streak alive, but Pierce is down

Rock from Waiting for Next Year
These answers were phenomenal, you will see these and With Malice's the most often throughout the rankings
It's not Cavs related, but it's interesting

Bret from Peachtree Hoops
The Atlanta Hawks are well represented at SBNation and they just killed the Cavaliers winning streak

Wyn from Canis Hoopus
The SBNation TWolves blog, though even they agree that the Timberwolves are bad

Jeremy from Pick Axe and Roll
Another SBNation blog, I'm so jealous they have a starting PG and the Rockets don't


And with no further ado, the Blogger ROY and MVP rankings:

Rookie of the Year


5th Place - DJ Augustin - 23 points -

It seems like he's still deciding whether to be a score first or a pass first point guard. With any luck, ha can be both. - Blue Blitz

The Bobcats took a lot of heat for passing on Lopez but Augustin is starting to look like the real deal. - Raptor's HQ

Amid Charlotte changes (and maybe more to come), the Longhorn point guard has been a constant.  - Dallas Basketball

Despite the fact that he’s five-foot nothing, he’s showing everyone what he can do out on the court.  His production has skyrocketed with the increased minutes of late.   - TWolves Blog

4th Place - Marc Gasol - 25 points

Just make sure there are no Geico signs in the arena... or else he'll quit. - Red's Army

The bearded Spaniard does whatever the Grizzlies need of him, as exhibited by his 7 point, 7 rebound, 4 assist, 3 blocked shots performance in the 16 point win over the Miami Heat on Sunday - 3 Shades of Blue

3rd Place - Rudy Fernandez - 27 points

Currently leading the league in unnecessarily wild shots.  But dude is primetime even though he comes off the bench. - Blazer's Edge

Bombs away. His alley-oops with Sergio Rodriguez have been particularly well-taken. - Sactown Royalty

Kind of a douche, but a talented one. - Basketbawful

2nd Place -OJ Mayo - 101 points

Remember a couple of years ago... before Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley stole the show... when last year's draft was supposed to be the OJ Mayo  - Red's Army

Leads all rookies in scoring at 20.8 ppg and is downright lethal from distance, hitting on 42.5% from 3. He hasn’t necessarily made a huge impact on the success (or lack thereof) of the Grizzlies, but no rookie has played better thus far than Mayo.  - Waiting for Next Year

The real deal.  OJ Mayo is trying to drag the Grizz kicking and screaming out of the cellar and into mediocrity.  From where they were, being termed 'mediocre' would be a step in the right direction. - With Malice

The latest exhibit in the "Kevin McHale trades" saga. - Raptor's HQ

He's scored in double-digits in every single game this year (24 and counting).  The last player to open a season like that went by the name "Magic". - 3 Shades of Blue

1st Place - Derek Rose - 106 points

Barring injury the rookie of the year race is over. - Pick Axe and Roll

He's got next. For the next 18 years or so. - Blazer's Edge

Later this season I wouldn't be surprised if he was suddenly in the MVP top 10 discussion. - Raptor's HQ

Mr. Rose: You can hunt, whittle or butter with that thing. You cannot sleep with that thing.  - Dallas Basketball

He's on a level by himself. The only way he loses this award is if he decides to peel a pear in a bathtub with a toaster. - The ThunderWorld

Most Valuable Player



10th Place - Chris Bosh - 50 points

Bosh might be playing well, but his inability to make Toronto into a challenger is of concern.  Especially when so many neat pieces surround him. - With Malice

Bosh drops in the rankings but that's probably a good thing for Raptors' fans.  When he was a top 3 MVP candidate earlier this year, he was doing everything for Toronto and the team was getting blown out. - Raptor's HQ

9th Place - Kevin Garnett - 54 points

Though he’s lost the support of Jose Calderon, Andrew Bogut and Big Baby Davis.  - Dallas Basketball

8th Place -Chauncey Billups - 58 points

Melo got the headlines this week with his 33 point quarter, but it remains Chauncey who is stirring this cocktail.  The Nuggets offensive efficiency is skyrocketing this season thanks to Chauncey. - Pick Axe and Roll

Whilst 'Melo might be the scoring leader on the Nuggets, there's no doubting that the leader in this team is Denver-native Billups.  Many derided this trade thinking that Mr Bigshot had left his best years behind him... not so, and Denver are in contention because of one man, and one man alone. - With Malice

The greatest thing to happen to Melo since he finally cut his girl braids. - Blazer's Edge

7th Place -Dirk Nowitzki - 68 points

Mad love to JET, Kidd and J.J., but Dirk's the only real reason Dallas isn't in 9th place. - Sactown Royalty

On such a roll (averaging 32.6 points per in his last six) that the Western Conference might as well re-name the Player-of-the-Week Award in his honor.  - Dallas Basketball

The German is averaging 25.00 PPG with 9.00RBG, showing everyone that he can not only score but also hit the boards. The Mavs are playing better as the season moves along, it'd be interesting to see if Dirk keeps this numbers up and most importantly if it will get them W's.   - Bright Side of the Sun

Despite what you might have heard, "Dirk" is the lonliest number of all. - Basketbawful

6th Place -Tim Duncan - 72 points

Timmy... he's playing like he was 5 years ago.  Worth noting that it's an 'on' year for SA too! - With Malice

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle noted this week that Duncan was a threat to automatically "score every time’’ SA had the ball. All that, and now he’s got healthy help.  - Dallas Basketball

The Admiral would be proud of how Duncan kept the Spurs' ship afloat with two major leaks. - Basketbawful

5th Place -Dwight Howard - 129 points

The Celtics, Lakers, and Cavaliers have been getting a lot of attention as the NBA’s cream of the crop, but I can’t shake the feeling that people are overlooking the Magic. At 18-6, the Magic are just 2 games behind Cleveland and 4 games behind Boston in the Eastern Conference. Hardly an insurmountable gap. Dwight Howard is the premiere center in the NBA, and in my opinion, it’s not really even close. He has the 4th best Player Efficiency Rating in the entire NBA, and he’s putting up 21.1 points, 14.1 rebounds, and 3.9 blocks per game. No other center can touch those numbers. Every time he steps on the floor, he gives the Magic a double double and he gives the Magic a great chance to win. To me, that’s the definition of an MVP.  - Waiting for Next Year

Four blocks and 14 rebounds a game? Oof. - Sactown Royalty

He drops on my list because his teams proved to be effective without him. - Blue Blitz

While Howard and his Magic are off to a great start, I just can't put a 57 per cent free-throw shooter any higher than this. - Raptor's HQ

He had back-to-back games of 20+ pts/20+ reb/6 blocks last week.  Somewhere Moses Malone is smiling. - 3 Shades of Blue

Some players get "in the zone."  Howard enters BEASTMODE and destroys everything in his path.  - TWolves Blog

4th Place - Kobe Bryant - 164 points

Sign #23424234 that you're on a good team: you give interviews talking about how it's fun to sit out the entire fourth quarter because your team is winning by so much, then reconsider that stance because you're in great physical shape, you're not fatigued and you kind of want to keep playing so you can run up the score and make everyone feel bad.  - Blazer's Edge

We bumped into Robert Horry this week and asked him, "Who is the best athlete you’ve seen in the NBA?’’ He said hands-down, Kobe. So add that to The Drama Queen’s list of credentials. - Dallas Basketball

with almost physical pain I chose Kobe at the top spot. Why? Because his team has the second best record in the NBA abusing every team that comes their way. We all know he can score in bunches, but the 2008-2009 Kobe has been deadly efficient from the field. He is shooting a 47.7 FG%. We also have to take into consideration that has had to adjust his game to incorporate everyone on the team, this shows that he has finally found a balance between shooting and passing. A balance that he has struggled to achieve since the Lakers where our bitches.... Good old times. - Bright Side of the Sun

3rd Place -Chris Paul - 170 points

He had an off night against Boston and still had a 20 pt, 15 asst. game.  Yikes. - Red's Army

A year ago, he was "one of the great young PGs.’’ Now? He’s pretty much "The One.’’  - Dallas Basketball

It's hard not to include CP3 in the MVP conversation, after all, he makes his teammates better with his exceptional passing and awesome court vision. His 20.6 PPG and 11.8 APG are even more impressive when you take into consideration that he is the smallest in my top ten. After a rocky start the Hornets are picking up speed. As long as this kid in that team...The Hornets are contenders. - Bright Side of the Sun

I’d say "better luck next year", but LeBron might win the next 12 MVP Awards in a row.  - TWolves Blog

2nd Place -Dwyane Wade - 171 points

I know some people would write off giving an MVP award to a .500 team, but last year without Wade for half of the season, and a shell of the player for the half he did play, the Heat won 15 games. They’ve already won 12 games this year. Wade is leading the league in scoring, is 2nd among shooting guards in FG% at 48.6%, and he currently has Miami in the 6th spot in the Eastern Conference. You can debate about the quality of the players around Wade in Miami, but there’s no question the quality of Wade’s play this season and how much he has meant to the Heat just by being healthy and playing with a chip on his shoulder after being so heavily doubted last year and heading into this season.. - Waiting for Next Year

Whilst D-Wade is playing some amazing basketball at the moment (his 29.1 per leads the league), but that's not equating to more wins for Miami.  Unfortunately for the Amazing Teflon Boy, he needs more around him before he'll win an MVP. - With Malice

During the recent stretch of 5 wins in 6 games, he averaged 34.7 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 7.5 apg, 1.7 spg on .537 FG% and .786 FT%.  Those are some man-sized numbers for your digestive system. - 3 Shades of Blue

He'd be higher except his team keeps losing.  It's not a coincidence. - Dave from The Dream Shake

I was walking down a dimly lit back alley last weekend and I saw some thug jump Wade.  He slashed him with a blade and then ran off.  I could see the wound and there was no blood.  He was bleeding liquid titanium.  - TWolvesBlog

1st Place - LeBron James - 259 points

There are no more words that can be said about LBJ.   I'll have to start creating new ones. - Red's Army

The Cavaliers are 20-4, with the 3rd best record in the NBA. LeBron has elevated his defense to new heights and he’s finally learning that he doesn’t need to control games by initiating the offense himself. He has deferred that role, for the most part, to Mo Williams and Delonte West, and LeBron is scoring more and more by putting himself in good position for easy baskets without the ball. It’s showing as LeBron’s FG% is at a career high. He’s dramatically improved his FT shooting as well and is hitting a career high 80.1% from the line, making it even more difficult for opponents to just foul him and force him to make FTs like they have in the past.  - Waiting for Next Year

I keep expecting LeBron to announce that Cecil B. DeMille's been coaching him.  Because this is a performance of epic, biblical proportions.  Pretty much every game he plays reminds me not of MJ, but of Charlton Heston standing before Pharaoh, demanding "let my people go". - With Malice

I am a WITNESS. - 3 Shades of Blue

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