Houston Rockets-Utah Jazz

Well this is my first post. So I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Daniel Kang and I reside in Atlanta Ga. I play basketball half my life and watch basketball the other half. The Rockets are my favorite team for obvious reasons. Here is my preview of tonights game.

As a Rockets fan, I hate the Utah Jazz. From the box score and their record, they are a great team. From watching a few games, it's impossible to not hate them unless you're a hometown fan. Even then it's pushing it. I'll try this preview without any bias.

I want to beat the Jazz so badly, but the fact is. We match up horribly with them. Mainly at the pg position. No knock on Brooks/Lowry. Their future is bright, but their size kills us. Hopefully they can use their speed tonight to offset the mismatch. Our defensive stoppers in Shane and Ron. Aren't needed so much. CJ Miles and Ronnie Brewer are average players. They break out every so often, but I don't think they deserve the defensive attention of the leagues 2 best stoppers. Okur will be matched up against Scola because Yao can't defend him. A year ago, ask a normal NBA fan who Scola is, and i'm sure they'll be oblivious. Through his work ethic, his hustle, low post moves, basketball IQ, and his sexy hair, he has emerged as one of the best pf's today. Why is it that, whenever I watch a Houston-Utah game, I always see Boozer banging Yao and driving around him for an easy dunk. Boozer is a beast. Yao is a monster. Our star center has been quiet the past few games, and this game is the perfect time to break out. He needs more touches and shots. No one in the league can guard Yao.


Pg- Utah. Deron Williams is the #2 point guard in the league. He'll have his way with our guards. I just hope that Lowry brings what he brought the last game. And for Brooks to step it up this time to close the gap.

Sg- Rockets. Artest needs to do what he did against the Spurs game. DRIVE. Like he said. No one can stop him. Artest also needs to play lockdown defense and make sure Brewer doesn't have a breakout game and have a play in the daily top 10. I hate seeing plays against the Rockets in the top 10.

Sf- Rockets.  All I ask for from Battier is play the way he's been playing. That is, play phenomenal defense and hit a few open 3's. Cj Miles is nothing.

Pf- Scola vs Okur. Rockets. Scola has been on a roll. I don't see him slowing down, especially against this team. Okur will get his 3's like he always does. But Scola will get his double double like he always does. Last time I checked. Double double is better than a few 3's. Not too sure though.

C- Yao vs Boozer. Rockets Yao will have his breakout game. No one can stop him. No one.

Bench- Jazz. The jazz already have a great bench. Rockets had a decent bench, but with landry out. We lost our depth.

Conclusion- The game will come down to the pg and c matchup. If yao shoots the ball 20 times and they play reasonable defense on d-will and the refs don't choke on the whistles. Rockets will win. If yao only gets 6 shots at the basket, artest tries to take over, d-will drops 30/10, refs call imaginary fouls. Utah wins.
My thought is Rockets win by 8. Yao takes Ron's crazy pills and goes berserk. Good luck stopping a 310 pound crazy Chinese man.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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