Rockets-Jazz Recap

Statistically I couldn't have asked for a better game. +10 in rebounds. +10 in offensive rebounds. +18 in points from 3 pointers. But as everyone knows. Stats are nothing unless you win.

Deron Williams was kept in a reasonable check. I can accept 19/12 with 7-17 shooting. But our guard play on the offensive end was just...horrible. There was a 3 minute span in which we were getting back into the game, and Von Wafer or Kyle Lowry tried to take it all the way 1 on 3. Aaron Brooks did take some ill advised shots but I won't get on him because he converted.

Crazy Seriously? He made some good shots in the beginning of the game. But when it mattered, he just drove recklessly into the lane and just threw it up. That's not going to work against a physical team. He did have a solid line though. His defense was average. It could have been better. But Ronnie Brewer's dunk on him was just....nasty. I might have jizzed in my pants if it weren't for Brewer being a Jazz.

Shane Battier. The only person that I was comfortable watching shoot. He was on fire. 18 points on 9 shot attempts? Pretty efficient if you ask me. And he did kick Boozer in the balls. Pretty entertaining if you ask me.

Yao Ming. He took a lot of shots....mostly closely contested and there were a few when he threw it up behind his back. I thought this was the game he would go berserk. He did everything but score.

Luis Scola. Had a very quiet night. I don't even remember seeing him.

Rockets- Did everything right on paper. Did everything wrong on the court. Couldn't convert the offensive rebounds. Only had 4 second chance points i think. Yao couldn't take effective shots. Ron took an extra dose of crazy pills. Von Lowry apparently think their name rhymes with Bebron Fames when it comes to a 1 on 3 fast break.

Was a good game. Infuriating to watch but it was a nice game. No flopping that I remember. Just clean basketball. Props to Jazz.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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