Rockets Playoffs.

After a trend of pg's taking advantage of ours. In a tightly contested Western Conference, have you realized all of the contenders with the exception of the Lakers have an all star pointguard or past all star? The Lakers have a veteran point guard in Derek Fisher who has lots of experience. We have two undersized youngsters with a 1 year of playoff experience between the two.  I decided to write this post about what to expect from the playoffs.
And sidenote. I don't care who we play. Why make such a big deal about being in the playoffs if we don't have hopes in winning it all. Meaning we'll have to play half of these teams anyway. I don't care if we match up horribly against them. I'd prefer a hard played series rather than coasting. And in the western conference that's what your going to get.

1. Lakers- I am 100% sure we won't drop down to the 8th seed, but anything can happen in the NBA. Lakers are a very experienced team. They have arguably the best player in the game today in Kobe Bryant. Their front court is monstrous. Pau Gasol+Lamar Odom? Oh, by the way, there's a 275 pound baby coming back too. Honestly, I wouldn't mind facing the Lakers. I think we've been relatively consistent on them and every game was down to the wire. But fact is, anyone facing Kobe in the playoffs, is in for some trouble. But also another fact is, the 2 people that give Kobe the most trouble is on the same team.
Brooks-Fisher. I think his speed will offset the strength mismatch. Brooks blowing by whereas Fisher will post up.
Kobe-Crazy Pills/Shane. Barring trashtalking to make Kobe go crazy.  Kobe should have a subpar performance. 25/4/6. Ron...I'm not even going to guess what he'll put up. I just pray that it doesn't hurt us....much. Shane will get his usualy 2-3 3's against the Lakers. Play astounding defense/help defense on Kobe. Enough said. 
Scola-Gasol. Argentina-Spain. Epic battle. Gasol has size on Scola but Scola has more hustle. Although I think Gasol will have the better game. 
Yao-Bynum. Bynum has no playoff experience. Will be just coming off of injury. Yao has been on a roller coaster of beasterdom and shawn bradleyesque. But I think Yao will completely demolish Bynum.
Battle of the benches. Lakers bench is deep. Odom will probably be coming off the bench when Bynum comes back. But our bench usually does well against their's. So I don't see why that won't continue.
Lakers 4-2. But we will not see them in the first round. Guaranteed.

2. Spurs- I just don't want to play them because I think any Spurs game is boring to watch. All seriousness aside, let's get to the matchup. Spurs have one of the best duos in the game. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. Oh, and some Manu Ginobili kid coming off the bench. Comes off the bench so he shouldn't do much damage right?
Brooks-Parker. This is the matchup i want to see most. The starting product vs the finished product. The student vs the teacher. We all know that best case scenario, Brooks is going to finish his career known as a Tony Parker who can shoot. I think the teacher will win this one. Too much experience, and he just seems so comfortable doing what he does. Whereas Brooks seems forced and out of sync.
Ginobili-Rawn/Shane. I don't know if Manu's ankle will have any lingering effects. He's toned down a lot offensively although he's prone to go off for 40 points on any given night.
Scola-Bonner. Bonner is a poor man's Okur. not much. If you know math. That means Bonner is less than nothing. Granted, Bonner will get some 3's from the defensive attention from the trio but that's all you can count on him for. Scola will dominate the post and the rebounds.
Yao-Duncan. Duncan always seems to have an off night when going against Yao. Actually any center against Yao seems to have an off night. Maybe it has something to do with God's gift in the form of a physical beast in their face. Just maybe? Yao also usually has a good night against the Spurs so this should go in Yao's favor.
Battle of the benches. I don't consider Manu coming off the bench. He finishes games and that's what you call a starter in my opinion. Spurs bench is not deep at all. I see our bench giving us a boost.
Spurs 4-2. I also guarantee we won't see them in the first round

3. Nuggets Only way we play them is if we both go down to 4 and 5 seed. They've got a solid starting 5. But after goes downhill. They play very uptempo so it is to our disadvantage. They have many athletic players where as we have many hustling, skilled players. Our center is tall and skinny. Their point guard is tall and skinny. Battle of opposites.
Billups-Brooks. I see Billups manhandling Brooks. He's too skilled, big, clutch, and too good of a defender for Aaron. ABZ should have 1 or 2 breakout games. But throughout it should be relatively quiet.
Carmelo Smith-Shane Artest. Smith is a poor man's Kobe. Shane/Ron gives Kobe trouble. Shane/Ron will give Smith anal abusing. Carmelo is a poor man's Lebron. See the last Rockets-Cavs game? Expect that.
Scola-Martin. Skill vs brute physicality. This should be a battle. This will be the matchup to see. A behind the scenes player vs an in your face player. I think they should even each other out. And I would guess that Kenyon will get a few tech's in this series.
Yao-Nene. After injury Nene came back and is having a great year. He has good offensive skills and is a great defender. But Yao, like in all other matchups, is just a freak. Yao will get embarrassed...multiple times. But in the end Yao will have the last laugh.
Benches- No depth to Nuggets. None. Except Chris Anderson. But not much to expect from him. Our bench will exploit this and run over theirs.
Rockets 4-3. If we just play consistently, this should be ours.

4. Jazz The Rockets worst enemy. Either you would love to play them, or you would hate to play them. Me? Look at the top. I don't care who we have to go through, as long as we go through them. Yeah. We match up like shits against them. But doesn't that also mean, they match up horribly against us? Except this past game, Okur cannot guard Yao. Scola will get his points from wherever he wants. No one can stop Ron's strength and shooting. Shane's 3's looking wetter than ever.
Brooks-Williams. Like all other matchups. This is in favor of the other team. Brooks will get his points though. WIlliams will just get more and have about 6 more assists.
Brewer-Artest/Battier. Expect last game. But less offensive production from Brewer and Battier and more from Artest. And more more more defensive production from Battier and Artest.
Boozer/Okur-Scola/Yao Cross matchup. Okur cannot guard Yao. Boozer can't stop Scola's cutting. Hopefully Boozer's shots down fall because he will have that shot the whole series. Okur should be guarded pretty well by Scola.
Bench With Carl Landy back during the playoffs. Our bench will not get abused like it did the last game. Although their bench still has the slight advantage. It will close the gap a lot.
Rockets 4-3. Homecourt advantage is key.

5. Hornets Any team with a franchise player is dangerous. ie Lakers. Good thing Hornets don't have as good a supporting cast. But playing with Chris Paul makes anyone better. Hell, he made David West an all star. Tyson Chandler seem like he is an offensive machine from all the alley oops. I don't think Hornets have what it takes to beat the Rockets at all. With CP3, he'll keep the games close but not close enough.
Paul-Brooks Paul will average 20/10 in the series. Unless Sleepy does the smart thing and start Lowry and give Paul tougher looks. Brooks won't be able to do much against Paul because he's just as fast, and stronger. Hopefully after the first 4 misses, Brooks will get the picture and exploit other mismatches on the floor and rack up some assists.
Stojakovic/Butler-Battier/Artest Peja has had a quiet season and has been injured. I don't see anything changing. Butler, is a very quiet starter. That said he's pretty consistent in that he's not talked about much. This favors Rockets greatly.
West-Scola I hate David West. He's a dirty player. Without Chris Paul he would not be an all star. Even still, he's talented and is a very good player. But I think Scola drives anyone that guards him crazy. He cuts to the basket so many times. Hornets have a slight advantage.
Chandler-Yao. Yao will post a quadruple double.
Bench. Hornets bench consists of many could have beens. Our bench is clearly superior.
Rockets 4-1 Yao will dominate this matchup. Only brightside for Hornets is CP.

6 Trailblazers I hate the Trailblazers for only one reason. The one game early this season that Brandon Roy won on a buzzer beater 30 footer. Other than that. I kind of like this team. It's young and has a ton of upside. They are one of the most improved teams. But they will not get far in the playoffs. Hold me to this.
Blake-Brooks Pass first point guard vs shoot first point guard. brooks will throw up a lot of shots. 1/3 probably shots he shouldn't take. Blake will probably get 7-8 assists. Shouldn't be a good matchup. 2 complete different styles of pg's.
Roy/Batum-Battier/Artest Anyone else notice that Roy, can score wherever whenever he wants. Don't look at the box score. Look at the game. When he wants to score, he scores. End of story. He's kind of inconsistent on defense but overall a good defender. I don't know too much about Batum but that he can shoot. Matchup should be fun to watch.
Aldridge-Scola 2 hard working players. Both shoot the mid range, and crash the boards. Aldridge is better face up. Scola is better posting up. Whoever wants it more should have the better game.
Pryzbilla/Oden-Yao Yao gets to relax on 1 on 1 defense. More energy for offense. P/O are both good defenders but Yao is an even better offensive force.
Bench Blazers are pretty deep. But too young. Oldest is 25 years old. Actually I should say the least youngest? Their bench will be too inconsistent to match up with ours.
Rockets 4-1 Being a young team. They're bound to get energetic and win a game.

7. Mavericks Mavs along with the Suns are the clear upsets this season. Mavs had high hopes, but they've degraded each season the past few years. Jason Kidd is not getting any younger. He turned 36 a few days ago. That's OLD!!!!! This team is too old, as proven by their degrading. It's now or rebuild. I think it's the latter.
Kidd-Brooks Old vs New. Brooks will run circles around Kidd. He's too slow and old to stop AB. On the other end, JK is too experienced, he will school Aaron.
Terry/Howard-Battier/Artest. This is a very dangerous combo. Both are capable of going off on any night. Luckily, they'll be matched up against 2 of the top perimeter defenders to prevent that from happening.
Nowitzki-Scola If Dirk gets hot I hope Rick does the smart thing and sub Chuck Hayes in. He's probably the best defender I've seen in a while. He's completely capable of shutting him down. He'll also make the right passes on offense.
Dampier-Yao Dampier cannot stop Yao. Dampier cannot stop Yao..... Dampier cannot stop Yao.
Bench Mavs have a bunch of no names and 2 decent at best players. Not worried at all about the second unit.

8. Suns. What happened to the Suns. Maybe next season when they get Amare back. They're actually doing pretty good and they have a very solid lineup. But they are so inconsistent. Blow out teams by 40 points. and they lose by 40. Suns have become a disappointment to me. So I'll finish this quickly.
Nash-Brooks. Nash's assists went down and scoring went up. Idk what that means but it will be pretty exciting to watch another Brooks-Nash showdown.
Richardson/Barnes-Artest/Battier A duo of almost beens(does this make sense?) Jrich is too show boaty for the playoffs. Fun to watch in the regular season but that'll pay in the playoffs. Barnes is a dirty player but he hustles. I think Jrich will have a solid game due to his athleticism but Barnes will be locked down and have a subpar game.
Hill-Scola Grant was such an exciting player to watch before he got injured. Scola will just murder him. He's too good of a post player and too smart not to take advantage.
Shaq-Yao the battle everyone wants to see. I'm surprised Diesel is still going this strong this late in the season. His trainer did some work on him. Still, Yao has always got the better end of the matchups. This won't change.
Bench Full of no names. Except Barbosa. No need to worry about him. Knock on wood.
Rockets same prediction as above. i'll say it again b/c it's fun

I planned on this taking only a few minutes with a short analysis for each. but ended up taking a chunk of time. sigh FML.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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