Why Lakers will probably never win it all under Kobe

Basically for any team to win it all, they have to be anchored and united in every sense of the word. Taking a look back at every team that has ever won a championship, we see a very common trend; all of them have had a polarizing force that not only was the focal driving point on offense but the undeniable leader that the rest of the team will follow to the moon without space suits. Some examples are:

- Detroit Bad Boys: Isaiah Thomas was a hard nosed and rugged defender who had firm reigns on the rest of his bully team.

- Chicago Bulls: Jordan led by example and was very outspoken in a positive way. Pushed his entire team past their normal limits through sheer willpower after he embraced he concept of team basketball. He also developed to be a great defender as well.

- Clutch City Rockets: Hakeem Olajuwon was a leader in offense, defense, and the locker room. When the big guy spoke, everyone quieted down to listened.

- Celtics w/ Larry Bird: Not only could the dude shoot lights out from damn near anywhere on the court, he had a no nonsense blue collared worker personality. This guy was disciplined and rugged as well as a great leader

- Lakers w/ Magic: Magic made players better through his court vision and sunny disposition. His presence alone on the court, regardless of position allows every player to play MUCH better than they would anywhere else. People would follow him on the fact alone that if you hung with Magic, you are going to look good on the court.

- Celtics with KG: The guy is passionate, intense, and hard working. He is also very vocal. Every teammate that has played with KG has had no beef with him and every team he plays with seem to play on a higher level. He has always been the heart and soul of every team. Pity the Wolves were so crappy...

Point is, as great a player that Kobe is and as tough as he mentally is, he is just not looking like the type of player that can lead and unite the Lakers as a cohesive championship force. Talent wise, we all know that the Lakers are probably the best and deepest team right now. However, with a history of throwing teammates under the bus and a just recent infant grasp of team play, I really cannot see Kobe taking the team under his wing.

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