Rockets Options

Okay the Rockets are looking to stir things up in the offseason. So I'm going to break things down and hopefully you guys will stop with these far fetched ideas.

The ONLY untradeable player they have is Yao Ming. The ONLY one.

Our best trading pieces are Tracy McGrady, who we probably will trade and Shane Battier, who we don't want to trade but apparently we're listening to offers.

The preseason will be a somewhat accurate judgement of what we're looking for. I say somewhat because preseason doesn't really predict how the players will do in the regular season. But beyond that point, if our prospects develop ahead of plan. Brooks and Lowry do a great job at the point. White, Taylor, T-mac? will need some help at shooting guard depending on the future of Mac. Battier, Ariza, Budinger are solid at small forward. Scola, Landry, Hayes? are just stacked at pf. That leaves us with Joey Dorsey if he recovers and is in the lineup at center. While our pfs can play center for a short while, we need a lot of help at that position.

What should we do? We have 2 positions to improve on. Shooting guard and Center.
Shooting guard. 2 options of doing this and both are through free agency. Sign a veteran shooting guard to help immediately. Or sign a Morey guard, one that we will hope will develop although we already have enough of those.
Center. With the remaining free agent centers, we're going to have to trade for one. Obviously we're going to look for a defensive minded center that isn't totally lost on offense(Dorsey).

I have high hopes for the upcoming seasons. When Tracy's contract comes off the books, we'll have about 23 million dollars worth to spend on a player. When Yao comes back, all we'll need is a decent back up center and a second go to scorer in the form of a shooting guard preferrably. Maybe we'll develop that go to guy this season.

Pros of this upcoming season
We develop our young players and give players that we would normally bench a chance to play.
We rest Yao. Very very very big pro.
We unload a big useless contract.
We'll most likely address all our needs.
It'll be fun to watch.
Utah Jazz probably won't go far without their second best player in Paul Millsap.

Playoffs look slim.
Morey will have white hair from the stress.
We'll probably hear it from the Jazz fans.

So, in all, I'm optimistic about the Rockets future.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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