Rockets Fans : What do you want Morey to do next?

We've had a lot of posts about possible trades, FA signings and draft options for the future, let's consolidate them here unless something huge comes up:

One of the Rockets weaknesses was just tightened up with the acquisition and signing of David Andersen.  At the beginning of the off-season that was clearly a need and a want, and in the middle of the off-season it was a necessity with the Yao news.  Now that Morey has that squared away, what's his next step?

There is always the possibility that the team is set and training camp will sort out who makes the 15 man roster, who goes to the D league and who gets cut.  Genius Morey will clearly be looking for guys that can produce either a.  all around or b.  where the Rockets need it most.  Right now that area is scoring, and that's why Mr. Alexander paid 2 million dollars for the rights to Chase Budinger and Jermaine Taylor.  There is obviously the option for a trade or to get one of the 4 available free agents (including signing our own in Von Wafer). 

Here are some options, in the comments let's talk about others I'm missing.  And let's face it, I haven't exactly been Tom Martin involved this last month so I will have missed a lot:

Sign a FA.  Here is the list of all the guys available when the off-season started.  If anyone has a link to who has signed and who hasn't I would greatly appreciate it.  Just glancing at the list, there aren't a lot of guys still out there that won't be matched as RFAs, that meet the Rockets low salary options or fit the Rockets in a need area.  Chris Wilcox was rumored for a while, but I'm not sure if that's still possible given the Andersen signing, and honestly I think the Rockets got the much better of the two. 

Sign Von Wafer, that one is simple enough

Stick with what they have, also known as, get Budinger, Taylor and Dorsey on the 12 person roster

Make a trade, presumably involving McGrady or Battier.  Not because either guy is bad or I don't like them, but because that's your best two trade chips followed by Landry and Brooks. 

First person to say "trade for Lebron" gets banned

Also, congrats to Dave for passing the Patent Bar today.  He made that test call him Donnie

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