What to look forward to for the Rockets...


Are  you looking forward to the Houston  Rockets upcoming season? I am, but sadly ESPN and TNT aren't, seeing how they shut out the Rockets National Televised games this year. Which I found surprising considering how fans fell in love with our sophomore scoring guard Aaron Brooks, I actually thought they would at least give us at least 1 game with the Los Angles seeing how True Warrior went with the old ''if you can't beat them, join em'' trick. And because I would assume Laker fans who they call Trevor ''Traitor'' Ariza wanted to see there former defensive stopper. I guess I was wrong like 70% of the analyst who predicted the Rockets series with the Trailblazers and how long the Laker series lasted, ah well.



Now, back to the question. Why should you be looking forward to the Rockets upcoming season? 

Let's see here with recent off season snags of Laker Forward Trevor Ariza, David Andersen and UCF and Arizona rookies Jermain Taylor and Chase Budinger the Rockets have all the pieces they need to be successful in a up tempo offense. You have one of the best PG duos in Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry, two guards who can push the basketball one looking to score and the other looking to find the open teammate. You have Ariza and Battier to great defenders who can run the floor, Ariza, Battier, Barry, Budinger and Taylor and are great spot up shooters then Scola, Andersen and Landry are all guys who can space the floor for our penetrators.



Rockets also lost a player I felt would be great and maybe even a potential starter while T-Mac gone in Von Wafer. Very athletic could shoot and take it to the rim strong. His game is also suited nicely for a up tempo system seeing how he loves to be quick and non hesitate with the ball.  It's to bad that 1 disagreement with Rick Adleman gave him the boot.


This year the Rockets will combine speed, athleticism, defense and heart as they battle for a playoff spot in the 09-10 season. Houston is going to be one of the few(if not only) teams running and gunning and still playing defense, at least on the permitter. Rockets still have a big whole in the middle for rejecting shots. Joey Dorsey has been working hard all summer long, watching recent interviews and summer league games you can tell he just wants to be apart of this team and contribute. He has so much potential being as big as he is and how much athleticism he possessions and how much energy he puts toward the defensive side of the ball. Dorsey has a great opportunity to prove himself, this may be his last chance if the Rockets don't accept his team option to be still considered a ''Prospect'' and not ''Benchwarmer''. Joey Dorsey is going to be a X-Factor for this Rockets team seeing he's there only shot blocking threat.


Again, why should you be looking forward to this season? Because the Rockets are underdogs.  Houston is expected to be worst than the Grizzlies(if that's possible) in the southwest division. This year from the Rockets you can expect lot's of close games, big games(Aaron Brooks, Ariza, Scola, ect) with lack of a creator, lot's of fun entertaining fast pace basketball.


Hopefully these reasons have you more excited about the upcoming seasons. There are a lot of ''ifs'' that are going to have to come true for the Rockets to slide into the playoffs but I've learn these guys don't give up and will leave it all on the court every night, so I'm pretty confident. It's going to be hard watching a Yaoless season but we can prevail!


If you still aren't looking forward to watching Rocket games this year, you can still come to watch the hot cheerleaders.




No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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