A Cursory look at Trevor Ariza

The honeymoon seems to be over. Lately there been alot of anti- Ariza sentiments on the blog. I understand we were all expecting him to become the next Tmac and the first couple of games he put up some crazy numbers. I know he often tries to do things he cant:create off the dribble and has bad shot selection at times, but overall he really is a good player. Just because he seems a little off on the offensive end does not mean he needs to be traded right away.


Comparing him to the other small forwards who have played more than 10 min around the leauge:


                               League Average                 Trevor                  League Rank


Points                  10                                            16                           11th

Assists                 1.6                                           3.8                          3rd

3pt makes         .8                                              1.9                           4th


Steals                   .73                                          1.8                          1st

Drebounds        3.8                                          4.6                           9th

Total Rebounds 4                                            5.7                           12th


He also happens to be playing a ridiculous amount of minutes, alot more than he has ever played in the league before.



Year     Min

07         22.4

08         10.5/18**

09          24.4

10          38.6

**Min at Orlando/Lakers

League Rank: 11th among all players

especially looking at his last few games:


Overall imho Trevor is a good player. I see Ariza as something of a younger Battier with better offense(with a little less D). In the beginning of the year Ariza was our team leading scorer, and looking as if he was ready to make an all star campaign. As with the rest of the team his heavy minutes have reduced his impact on the floor.


I could make this longer but classes start tomorrow and i have an 8am.

I was thinking of also maby doing a little more of a similar analysis on the other players we have( sorry writers im not trying to steal your job). your thoughts?


Closing thought: Trevor is good, and despite his recent offensive struggles his upside is high. For his salary he is totally worth it. Rick needs to give him a litttle more rest and we would see him start to do much better. Finally like grungedave with scola...

I just got Ariza, stop trying to trade him away damnit

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