Thoughts on last night...

Two issues:

1) We sucked at times getting rebounds and let Odom and Gasol rule the paint.

2) Blown D perimeter assignments cost us the game...damn it!

1) I found it really frustrating that Gasol and Odom ruled the paint during key parts of last nights game.  Fucking Odom...couldn't even marry the pretty sister. 

Miller and Yao did a good job, but the O did kind of die with Chuck in there.  Where was Hill?  Unless he pissed of RA or something, it is probably then not playing because RA doesn't trust him yet to play in that high a stakes game.  Thats fine, the guy is still realtively young, etc... But we needed help down there big time.  It probably won't matter to let the guy develop until the trade deadline but we need another big guy down low to D up.  We don't even compare to LA or Boston's big man rosters.  Granted many teams down either but we want to win damn it!

Sorry...had to rant there.

One idea I have on this one is the possible taking on of the Brand contract from Philly and therefore helping us land Iggy.  At this point I dont think they are up for trading or anything but that trade does kill two birds with one trade.  I know the contract is huge but just an idea to get iggy and help bang with the bigger teams.


2) Bad time to loose your man in the key game.  I dont know what the situation was and why Brown and Blake were open to shoot those threes but it killed us.  Brooks and Martin are unbelievably good being out there at the same time.  They play off each other and light up the basket....but...they have to get better on D.  There is just no excuse and no way we are going to win games without them getting better and not loosing this many D assignments at key points in close games.  We have a great duo...dont want ot break this up but this killed us.

Idea going forward.

So again, this is just an idea that came to me: getting Iggy and then taking on Brand's huge albatross of a contract.  I know this may be contrary to what some people think and it is a huge risk, but maybe worth taking at the trade deadline if we are still well in the running to make a big splash in the playoffs.  Brand or a player of that size and ability playing in the paint last night may have won the game for us by getting more rebounds and just making Odom and Gasol less potent.  Just an idea.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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