Thru 11 games

Why must the Rockets play with my emotions?

Yes, we all had high expectations (after all, this team could only get better right?). Now we've been smacked in the face with this 3-8 record and have us speculating about a roster shake up (which could come as soon as December 15, when signed free agents can be traded). And after all, who can blame us, our only wins are against lowly teams like the Wolves, Pacers and Knicks and have some of us (me) wishing we played the Clippers, Kings, Pistons and Sixers on our next games as a confident builder. But how exactly did we get here?

Aaron Brooks

Thru 5 games:


  • Kept us in many games. Great scoring. Only missed one free throw
  • One thing to complain about: Defense! Got outscored by the opposing team's PG(s)
  • Also, Manu "The Greatest Douchebag in the Universe" Ginobili happened

    Last 6 games - just wish he was there

    Grade -> B


    Kevin Martin


  • Our scoring machine, even when he's not shooting well still gets near 20 points
  • What else could you ask of this kid? Oh yeah, don't disappear in the 4th quarter!
  • One thing to complain about: Turnovers

    Grade -> B+


    Yao Ming


  • The Great Wall - 'nough said
  • One thing to complain about: Minutes and oh yea, get Yao the ball darn it!
  • Get well soon big fella

    Grade -> A


    Luis Scola


  • He is not the problem
  • All around badass

    Grade -> A+


    Shane Battier


  • Liability on offense, not satisfied with his performance
  • Still a great defender, but opposing players are just getting younger
  • Is he still worth his 7 mill contract? Might T. Prince be an upgrade?

    Grade -> C-


    Brad Miller

    Thru 5 games:


  • Horrible defense. No offense, only 6 assists
  • Really thought it was a waste of roster spot we could've given to Dampier

    Last 6 games:


  • Specially in the Pacers game, came alive offensively, improved slightly defensively
  • Great passing, 13 assists
  • One thing to complain about: Rebounding!

    Grade -> B-


    Chase Budinger

    Thru 8 games:


  • Major shooting slump
  • 5-28 for 17% from 3pt
  • Too many TOs

    Grade -> C-


    Courtney Lee


  • Overall piss-poor performance
  • 4 TOs in 13 min in the Bulls game
  • Making Morey look bad embarrased

    Grade -> F


    Chuck Hayes


  • Is the opposite of Kevin Martin
  • Plays too many minutes that should go to the next guy
  • Has attempted 18 free throws, you read right

    Grade -> C+


    Jordan Hill


  • Must have been drinking with Adelman's daughter, cause RA would not let him play at the beginning of the season
  • Leads the team in blocked shots
  • Must be freed, like willy

    Grade -> B


    Kyle Lowry


  • Leads the team in TOs per game
  • Cannot shoot the ball, yet he ignores this fact
  • Is 13-21 on free throws, among other things we've already talked about

    Grade -> D-


    Ishmael Smith


  • Is a true PG
  • Leads the team in assists per minute (I like how stats can be tweaked)
  • Needs to start over Lowry

    Grade -> B+


    Jermaine Taylor


  • Has only played in two games
  • Had a solid performance vs the Durants, would like to see more

    Grade -> B


    Jared Jeffries


  • Should not be attempting free throws
  • Needs to keep the bench warm

    Grade -> D


    Patrick Patterson

    - will be in action tonight as the Vipers open their season


    Overall, while the first 5 losses can be attributed to poor defense/bad shooting, the next two losses vs Wizards and then vs Bulls were complete 4th quarter meltdowns and the lack of a star (as in Wall and Rose) that can put the team on their back and carry us to victory. Last night was just a bad team effort and carelessness with the ball

    Yet, I still have hope

    No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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