Solution to our defensive woes?

We need this guy


Cookie Monster (via Mr Azza)

Wait, I mean this guy



83009371RW014_WARRIORS_ROCKETS (via davidhovw)

I don't know about you guys, but I am pretty sick of the other team shooting lights out against us.

I decided to look at some defensive stats and shot chart to see if there's a way to pinpoint our defensive woes, but it turns out, we are pretty awful at almost all aspects.

For one thing, We are one of the worst in the league in defending the 3 point shot, allowing 20 attempts a game at 40% opp. 3pt%. There are teams allowing higher percentage, but only the Grizzles allow more attempts in teams that allow higher than 40%.

However, the Grizzles leads the league in opp. TOs, while the Rockets are dead last in that category. In fact, we are the second worst team in the leagues in TO differentials, a whopping 4.2 more TOs a night. That is 8.4 more easy points the other way. No doubt this plays a BIG part in our losses considering we are losing by an average of 6.5 pt a game(probably much less if you dont count the Denver game). We are also dead last in steal differentials, and pretty bad at shot blocking(well you know why).

We also lead the league in pace, so leading in opp. pts is also a given. However, no team that has Yao for 24 minutes and Scola for more should lead the league in pace(Not to mention Miller and Hill). We do have length, lets use them effectively.

Despite what it may have look like, Rockets are pretty efficient rebounders, though this is also affected by our ridiculous pace. We do pull down 0.2 more defensive rebounds(which should mean the opponent missed more shots), but whatever advantage we had are offset by the opponent pulling down 0.2 more offensive rebounds. Problem here is Chuck Hayes cant box out and grab rebounds at the same time, neither can Yao at 24 minutes, Jordan Hills dont really know what box out is, and Luis cant grab all the rebounds.

As Far as a cheap solution goes, we don't have one. The fact is nothing is solid about our defense right now. the opposing team is both raining it from 3 and not getting challenged at the rim. If one aspect is fixed, the other will be slightly remediated, but this currently a deeper issue than any one single player.The high speed basketball is doing us no good because it simplify the game for the opposing team as well, and unlike us, most of our opponents are playing with a full deck of cards on D, while we dont even use some of ours.

I dont think this guy is a solution either.




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