Finally a minute to catch up with Houston sports

So what have I missed?  (Sorry for the lack of posts/comments lately.  This last month of graduate school kept me pretty busy, but its holiday break time, so more face time here hopefully).

Anyways, I like the direction of this team.  I like how when Yao and AB come back from injury this team will be a legit 12-deep team.  Even without 2 of their top-4 guys, this Rockets team still has a 10-deep roster. 

Kyle Lowry, you continue to amaze me.  I've been one of those guys who's been in love with Brooks from the start, but now that you've began to hit 3's at a decent clip, you're passing and playmaking is just outrageous.  We need a play-maker out there on the court.

Kevin Martin and Luis Scola have both played really well out there.  Martin's efficiency and Scola's effort are fun things to watch on this team.  Yes, Martin has his share of Rafer games (4-13's, but Rafer never got to the line 8-10 times a night either).  Scola should be an All-Star this year. 

That second unit of Lee, Budinger, Hill and Miller is playing some inspired basketball.  If we don't get a center this offseason I think Jordan Hill and Luis Scola are the two guys who start up front next season.  Hill still makes mistakes, but he's starting to get it out there.  Lee's proving to be a better fit than the dreadful Trevor Ariza experiment.  Lee's ability to play backup PG has been very helpful this year, and even the undrafted Ishmael Smith has played better than expected as well.

I do not want to pass judgment on Williams yes.  I know he's got attitude problems, and I know he's had his issues with coaches, but sometimes the old "change of scenery" thing works.  Besides, he's got a friend from Jersey (Courtney Lee), and a locker room full of vets who don't take that kind of crap from anyone (Shane Battier and Chuck Hayes would sort him out in a heartbeat).

Do you think Daryl Morey is hoarding pieces to make that blockbuster deal to land a wing scorer?  I can really see something like this happening for the Rockets, going out and grabbing one of the premier wing players for some youth (Budinger), draft picks (the Knick's 2012 pick), expiring deals (Battier or Jeffries) and a scoring PG (Brooks).  How about those apples?

Note: I'm probably on a high after an easy win over an underwhelming opponent, but I see the clockwork on this team working and I like what I've seen thus far from my friends in Red and White.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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