Sympathies From A Blazer Fan

Dear Rockets Fans,


I just heard the terrible news about Yao Ming. It seems that we as Blazers fans should feel compelled to comisserate with you. With Oden gone for yet another season, we truly know what your loss feels like. No fan deserves this. No player like Yao deserves. No one at all deserves this. Injuries are the natural black eye all sports fans have endured as long as there have been sports and fans.

My team is about to be blown to pieces I fear. Just like yours. Our teams are hurtiling towards some unkown future. I am truly trying to remain positive about the Blazers just like you with your Rockets. Both of our teams are in similar positions--new directions are on the horizon. All the hopes you had with these players on the court, are seemingly dashed before you eyes.

In the end, the Rockets and Blazers both will still be there. Hold your head up, im still trying to with my Blazers. Maybe if we do it together, we can make good things happen.

So, Heres one for Yao. Heres one for all the future players who suffer the same fate.

We love you. Thanks for fighting for your team and thanks for giving the fans something worth rooting for. Yao was and is an ass kicker. And he surely had a heck of a shot for a bigman! And he carried more fans on his back than any player ever. He truly broke the bonds...

Thanks Yao and Rockets fans, Blazers fans are sorry for your loss.



PS-The playoffs between our teams last year was really cool. I went to one playoff game in Portland last year. Your team lost(but won the series!!) but was really fun to watch. They just played ball like it shoulda been played. After we lost, I rooted for them to win it all. Anything is better than the L*kers winning again!! Oh and -Luis Scola is the freaking man! And so is Aaron Brooks! CYA!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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