My plan to become contenders, yea i know im gonna get some hateful comments

Step 1. Make this trade

Houston Recieves:

Danny Granger, Jeff Foster, James Posey, Ersan ILyasova

Indiana Recieves:

Shane Battier, Jeff Green, Serge Ibaka, James Harden, Morris Peterson, Nenad Kristic, Pick from Houston Pick from Okc

Thunder receive:

Luis Scola, Chase Budinger, Josh Mcroberts, John Salmons, Larry Sanders, Sam Jones, and a $1.1 million trade exception from MIlwaukee

Milwaukee recieves: Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, D.J White Dahntay Jones

Rockets finally get their main guy in Danny Granger, a really good defender in Carlos Delfino whose also a capable scorer, Ilyasova can score, rebound, and is a capable defender he is a stretch 4 who can make 3s. Jeff Foster is an expring, but he is of some use to us, and Posey is the poison pill we have to swallow.

Indiana gets a a great young power forward, in Serge Ibaka, a decent small forward who is not a bad downgrade from Granger, and a good talent in James Harden. they get an expiring in Morris Peterson, and Nenad Kristic can be a productive big off the bench. They also get future picks from Houston and Okc

Thunder get a good perimeter score/ capable defender in John Salmon who will help their 3 point shooting, Luis Scola a good power forward who along with Durant and Westbrook make a formidable big 3. They also get a good talent in Larry Sanders, and a good replacement center in Sam Jones.

Now that Jennings is out for a while Milwaukee gets the scoring they desparately need in Kevin Martin, a good big in Jordan Hill, a good bench producer in Dahntay Jones, and D.J. White.

This trade makes Oklahoma City alot more dangerous, and makes the Pacers and Bucks better. While we get slightly worse, but we're going one step back to go 3 steps forward.

Step 2.

Do this trade

Houston recieves: Anderson Varejao and Leon Powe

Cleveland recieves: Jarred Jeffries, Courtney Lee,

Clevland gets an expiring and cheap young talent just what a rebuilding team needs.

Houston get a hardworking center in Anderson Varejao, and a good bench guy in Leon Powe.

Step 3: Wait 2 onths then Do this trade

Houston recieves; Jameer Nelson

Sacramento recieves: Aaron Brooks and Daniel Orton

Magic recieve: Jason Thompson and Jeff Foster

Magic get a good back up center in Jason Thompson and added depth in Foster.

Sacramento gets the point guard they have been coveting in Aaron Brooks.

Houston gets Jameer Nelson a point guard who can score, create for others, and good on the defensive end as well.

Step 4: 

In the summer pull off a trade package consisting of Anderson Varejao, Ersan Ilyasova, and Terrance Williams and a pick for Xavier Henry and newly signed Marc Gasol.

Grizzlies good pieces for Gasol in Varejao, Ilyasova, Williams, and a pick.

Houston gets a star in Gasol and good guy in Henry.

Step 5: Sign a power forward in the Summer. I want to go for Glen Davis. He's a good defensive forward and he is a capable scorer. We can get him for the Mid level exception hopefully. If not we go for Randoph, Landry, Kenyon etc.

Yea its a long shot, but you have to admit all those moves are possible well they have to be done fast though so we could trade Fosters contract.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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