Wallace and Melo

So in anticipation of Tom Martin's post about who's on the trading block, I have come up with a list of possible players who could be involved in a multi-team, superstar deal. I have also drawn from trade rumors and conjured up my own multi-team deal which most of you will consider far-fetched. However, I do believe that with some alterations, my deal is plausible...

On to the list:


Brad Miller

J Jeffries

and possibly Battier and even Yao

Trade involving them:

Hou: Melo, Wallace, D. Jordan, and Nene

LAC: DJ Augustin, M. Carroll, Diop, Miller and TPE

Cha: Baron Davis, Battier, Jeffries

Den: Kaman, Yao, CBud

Now, the weakest link in this trade would be Denver, because they could probably get alot more for Melo and Nene but if Melo agrees to sign an extension, we could offer draft picks as well. Of course, putting Yao in there hurts but after this season, he will be a free-agent again so we could possibly re-sign him.

Why each team would do it:

Hou: two top-tier SF's and solid centers

LAC: Get rid of Davis and Kaman for a similar package to the one they were offered by Cha and also get money, possibly draft picks as well

Cha: They want Davis, Battier gives them veteran leadership (which they desperately need) and also gives them good defense, Jeffries isn't useless and is actually a good defender as well

Den: Melo is probably going to leave, they get pieces in return and can rebuild, C-Bud has great upside, To me the draft picks and incentives would push this deal through, and possibly D. Jordan could go to denver instead of houston so that the deal is more attractive (two young talents and draft picks). Of course, melo would have to sign an extension otherwise no deal.

SO, that's my predictions for who's on the block and a far-fetched deal with an explanation. I am not going to ask you guys whether this deal is plausible but IF this trade were plausible and you were a GM, would you do it?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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