Thru 30 games

I've been putting off writting a progress report till our Rockets reached a significant milestone, and they've finally done it. After a disappointing 3-10 start, the Rockets have gone 12-5 to reach .500 for the first time since the start of the season. Over the last 17 games, the team has finally come together, rotations have been more effective and the defense has stepped up in late game situations. This is a look at where we stand...


Team Stats

Your Houston Rockets have one of the most effective offensive machines in the NBA. As of Dec 28th, the Rockets rank...

  • 5th in pts per game with 105.3 pts
  • 3rd in 3pt shooting % at 39%
  • 4th in FT made and attempts with 24.4 and 27.1 and 5th in FT % with 79.1%
  • Tied for 3rd in assists per game with 23.9

However, our defense is not quite there yet allowing 103.7 pts per game.

But onto the players...

Aaron Brooks

  • In only his fourth game back, the little guy is finally getting the rust out
  • Last night he went 4-7 in the 4th quarter, scoring 13 of his 15 in the period
  • I expect his trade value to rise as he works himself back into the starting lineup

Grade -> B

Kevin Martin

  • 10th in the league in scoring with 23.4 points a game
  • Second and tied for second in FT made (7.8/game) and FT % (91%)
  • Has been more aggresive in some games, always keeps us in the game

Grade -> A

Chuck Hayes

  • Not a center
  • But a defensive stopper and has flourished offensively
  • In case you missed it, he was 8-8 on FTs back on Nov 24 and has only missed 5 since, going 24-29 from the line in the past 17 games (might he be the key to our success?)

Grade -> B+

Shane Battier

  • I know I was harsh on him last time, but in the past 17 games his shooting has finally reached my expectations, much improved
  • Has scored in double figures in 10 games in that stretch, including two double-doubles
  • Might still be a Rocket past the trade deadline

Grade -> B+

Luis Scola

  • Gives tango lessons every night
  • Can't ask much more from this guy, he's awesome
  • Oh wait, his FT shooting is messing up our numbers! He's at 68%

Grade-> A

Kyle Lowry

  • Has also found his shooting touch, scoring in double figures in 11 of the past 17 games
  • Although, still leads the team in TOs and sometimes tries to do too much
  • Also messing up our numbers with 69% FT shooting

Grade-> B

Chase Budinger

  • Is getting way too many minutes, 19 per game
  • Is supposed to be a shooter, yet he's 25% from three
  • Only bright spot is some rebounding

Grade-> D, no excuses now

Courtney Lee

  • Has also improved, mostly in the defensive end
  • HIs outside shot still needs some work, as does his FT shooting in late game situations
  • But has nice slashing moves to the basket, should stick to those

Grade-> C+

Brad Miller

  • Aside from that Bulls game on the road where he almost willed us to victory, has been pretty average
  • Does not match up well against young and athletic forwards/centers
  • Everybody gets around him on the way to the rim. Willing to bet he is "The Most Dunked-on Center" in the league

Grade-> C

Jordan Hill

  • Was unleashed, literally
  • Not a great rebounder
  • Is still developing but has shown flashes of brillance (of just gets lucky often)

Grade-> B

This guys get an Incomplete:

Ishmael Smith

  • Has been cast away since AB came back
  • Will be a great PG one day, hopefully playing for our team

Patrick Patterson

  • Might be going back down to RGV soon
  • RGV has lost their past 2 games in his abscense

Terrence Williams

  • Is a secret weapon
  • Over/under that he plays before 2011? I got over

Jared Jeffries - Almost made the non-all-star ballot

Jermaine Taylor - is gone and has yet to play for the Kings

 Around the League

While the Rockets have struggled to get to .500, the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks have gone on 12-game winning streaks and are currently the best teams in the NBA. After an impressive 11-1 start, the Hornets have come down to earth amid an ownership change, also attendance has gone up so they might keep the team. Denver has dropped 3 straight without Melo in the lineup, probably a sign of what's to come upon his impeding departure

Looking forward

The Rockets have done what they were supposed to do: beat the weaker teams. However, next month's schedule is brutal and against much better competition. We have 7 back-2-backs and 12 road games, but I like our chances if we can go 12-15 in the next 27 games leading to the All-Star break. Then we can go on our february-march annual winning streak and grab hold of a playoff spot. Oh yeah, be sure to check the latest rumors as something big is bound to happen before the trade deadline.

Morey, may the force be with you

Go Rockets!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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