A question that MUST be answered

OK, first things first...this is not a post on why we should or should not trade for Andre Iguodala. I don´t believe I have ever commented on a trade including A.I. and I don´t plan to start now. I haven´t commented because I just don´t know, at this point in the season, if we need to do anything.

This is a post based on something I read yesterday on Yahoo! Sports concerning A.I.;_ylt=AluylGCIid.Fzy0Sn_Lx8QW8vLYF?urn=nba-292358

Kelly Dwyer makes the case that Iguodala is probably on the trading block BUT he states that he is definitely not the first option as the go-to-guy and probably not even the second option. So that got me thinking.

Do the Rockets need to trade for anyone other than a ¨closer?¨ You know, like Billy Wagner or Trevor Hoffman (you had to have read Xiane´s post ¨The Rockets view from 20 games down¨ to get that little joke).

The question that I am asking in this post, and hopefully can be answered by many of us arm-chair GM´s, is.....


Go-to-guy like in the opposing team knows it, the opposing coach knows it, all 20,000 people attending the game know it and the man himself knows it. Know what I´m sayin? Go-to-guy like if the final play of the game doesn´t at least call for this man to take the last shot, then he will be all bent out of shape because he is the man! (of course as the play unfolds he may not take the last shot but by-golly he knows he better be asked to take it because he can knock it down if he has the opportunity).

Now I know that there aren´t all that many players that fit that description, but after reading that Yahoo! Sports article about Andre Igoudala, i just wanted to hear what you all think.

And I will close it out by posting two quotes by Dwyer.

¨And even more importantly, should such a trade go through, Iguodala's brand of ball might prove the most frustrating to those whose expectations are stuck way, way too high.¨  DO WE NEED ANY MORE FRUSTRATION THIS YEAR BY BRINGING IN SOMEONE THAT DOESN´T HAVE THE SKILLS TO MEET OUR EXPECTATIONS?

¨It just means he's (Iguodala) not going to automatically put anyone over the top.¨  

What do you guys think?

And if you have time, as I am just curious, who might you put on a list of go-to-guys that fits my description of go-to-guy? (but make sure you answer the question of the this post first)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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