Houston, Knicks, and the Future

Hello everyone. Im DWB and this is my first fan post on TDS. However, Ive been reading you're guys work every couple days for a little bit. I live in Missouri, so I don't get to watch many Rockets games on TV. So I listen to them on the radio online. It kills me when I hear people complain about this year and how hard it has been. I don't even get to watch it. However, Im going to sell you why Morey got the absolute best trade possible if this goes thru, short of Kobe coming to Houston straight up for T Mac. I heard the Lakers wanted to rebuild :). Seriously, give my fan post and logic some thought. More after the Jump.

I know some people would rather see us go after Iggy and Sam D or Caron Butlerand Haywood, but face it, those players would never turn us into actual contenders. We would have to add another piece with those guys. Those trades would have gotten us into the playoffs but that's it. We wouldn't have beat LA and we probably couldn't have beat Denver in a 7 game series. While those trades make us better right now, they don't make this team contenders. The only piece in both of those trades that gets my full attention is Haywood. I would love to have a back up plan for Yao. So enough of all that, lets look at the Knicks trade.

Houston get: Jared Jeffries- Not much to say here. If he wasn't in the deal it would be the steal of the century. He is contracted til the end of next year for 6.9 mil. He wont bring more than 6 points a game. However, he does give us a big body down low. He can alter and block shots. He is also not the worst player in the league getting paid 7 mil a year.

Jordan Hill: 6'10 PF with a developing defensive game. He does have some potential. He is a rookie and he was a lottery pick. He hardly plays any minutes for the Knicks so his stats aren't impressive. However, He could end up being a very good player for us.

Larry Hughes/ Al Harrington: Really nothing to say here except neither of them will be on our roster for more than this season. Hughes is from my hometown and even I don't like him. Maybe if he would sign for the minimum next season.....yeah right. For what it's worth he is a jerk too. I've seen him disregard a little girl while asking for an autograph.

Draft Picks: This is the huge kicker. The Rockets have been rumored to receiving the Knicks 2012 1st rounder unprotected and an option to swap 1st round picks in 2011. This is the real cog that sells me in this trade. Without it I would gladly travel with you to spit on Morey's car window. If this trade does happen, I will jump for joy. I have my reasons which will get to later.

Knicks Gets: T Mac, Joey Dorsey, and Brian Cook (Maybe)

Now, on to the good part. This trade is good for alot of reason. Listed Below.

1. Jordan Hill could become a 15-10 guy. Hill could become a very good third option for this team. His offensive game is pretty decent and he has potential. He also had good size and already has chemistry with Chase Buddinger (for what its worth). He hasn't had a chance to show his skills in NY but who really does. Galo would have been better but even he has trouble playing in NY.

2. The Draft Picks People. Lets say that LBJ and Wade both resign and Amare is shipped to either Miami or the Cavs. That leaves Chris Bosh to the Knicks as their best option and I even doubt that happens. This leaves the Knicks settling for Rudy Gay or Joe Johnson. They are both good players, but I dont think either make the Knicks a PO team. A matter of fact, I even think they would still have top ten picks. I would even go further to say they would have the worst team in the league without a big man and therefore giving us a shot at the number 1 or 2 pick in the 2011 draft. To even have a shot at Harrison Barnes or John Henson if he comes out would be worth it alone. The Knicks will suck and will get two 10 ten picks out of that. Say we add a big like Cole Aldrich or a SG like Xavier Henry this year. We suddenly have a very good team even if we lost Scola. I really think the Rockets need to do one more thing and that's move up this draft to take Xavier Henry. Im a Mizzou fan so I've seen this kid really stroke it. He is a pure SG too, something we lack hardcore. If we got Xaier Henry or a C this draft. And an Outside shot at taking Harrison Barnes, John Henderson, and Myck Kabongo because of this trade, then to me its a success.

3. We should have some significant cap space in 2011. Just something to look forward to. Right now only Ariza is on contract for past 2011. A couple FA; Durant (Restricted) and Carmello has an option to opt out I believe. I think this trade gives us some wiggle room in the draft and FA.


Finally, What are we giving up? Philly backed out of the trade and Caron is in Dallas. We aren't losing anything but Dorsey. I know alot of you are excited as me. Lets just hope this trade goes thru and trust that Adelman can develop Hill into the next Chris Bosh.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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