Some feel-good love for our Houston Rockets

I think that just like TNT, ESPN and ABC, the All-Star weekend festivities have shut out the Rockets from their part.  Granted, ESPN did wise up and added a game in April against our beloved friends in Utah.  However, I guess I speak for most of the choir in saying that most Rockets coverage is centered around 2 stories right now:

1.) Yao Ming's rehab
2.) Tracy McGrady's trade status

There's nothing really about the emergence of Aaron Brooks as a top 10 NBA PG this year, the explosion of Carl Landry as the NBA's best 6th man, the continued resolve of Luis Scola and the toughness of Kyle Lowry.  Yes, Trevor Ariza has "Rafer-ed" himself this year, and Shane's been a little less of a defensive superstar, but this group of scrappy Rockets has been endearing to many, and its time more coverage hit this team.

Like how Chuck Hayes could potentially be the next Ben Wallace?
Or how Lowry and Brooks may be the smallest backcourt, but have the biggest heart?
Or how Landry came back from a friggin GUNSHOT wound last year to make a profound impact on the team?
Or how about something on Chase Budinger, the 2nd round steal who has been a nice piece?

Lets also give some love to Rick Adelman, the coach who has had to adjust his roster left and right to put together a team that has surprised everyone out there.  They've been phenemonal.

But yeah guys, over the next 3 or so games, lets let our guys know we've got their backs.  These next couple of games are pretty important with the playoff race as is (We're 4 games out of the #4 spot right now, and with 11 teams competing for 8 spots, this should be an epic post-season chase).

LA is in for sure.  Denver, Dallas, Utah and San Antonio are probables.  From there, you have Portland, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Houston, Phoenix and New Orleans battling out for seeds 6-8.  The next 3 months will be EPIC.

Go Rockets!!!!!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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