The Quest

Frightened that we may not make this year's playoffs, I set out on a quest. The purpose was to find the missing element of the Houston Rockets. I heard tales of a player who rebounds about 9 a game and contributes about 20 each game with a FT% .832  high in the mountains. 

My journey lead me north of the Himalayas. I was lucky enough to find a lift 1_medium

Then following the path that looks safer than it actually is

It sure is a long way down.

at times i had to climb, (theres no way you cant look down)


Exhausted and tired, i read my directions once again. Follow the steps to your destination.

Thank god i thought to myself "finally something simple....."

As i looked up


Son of a bitch... Seriously?


Finally i arrived at my destination.

As I entered the building i was greeted by familiar faces...


(both): Crazy Americans... you could have just driven up using the west road. 

(Not pictured) Shane Battier laughing in the distance.

(me)So your telling me I came here to find out what everyone already knows. In the most elaborate route possible.



(jackie) Yes, Shane told us you might be stopping by in around this time if you didn't fall to your death. He's a funny one that fellow.

(me)So this entire year Yao has just been hangin' out with Jackie chan?



(Jackie) Seriously? how stupid are you? He's been here training long hours to bring houston to its former glory days of its twin championships. He runs in the mornings Yao_600_060728_medium


(jackie) He swims in the afternoons,



(me) Wait a minute is that Steve Francis? How long has he been here?

(Jackie) Oh he's been here since 2008. When he got here, he just kept mumbling that he never ever wanted to play for the grizzlies



(yao) we've been training together and working hard. He thinks if he trains hard enough he can get back to playing with the rockets... Sadly though Brian Cook has a better chance of seeing any playing time with the rockets. 

(me) Brian cook has been waived already.

(Yao) umph... no wonder battier said the benchseats have been unusually cold as of late.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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