Why "No Trade" may be the Rocket's "Best Trade"

I would love to add Chris Bosh.  I would enjoy seeing Al Jefferson, David Lee and any other solid big man out there on this team as well.  There are good things about each guy playing on this team next year, but I'm not here to argue about these guys coming to Houston.  I'm here to say why its probably best to say that "no deal" may be the best move that Daryl Morey makes.  Here's some reason's why:

1.) Meshing a superstar with a strong core team

Its not easy to do guys.  Some superstars have their own habits and ways that are against a team's culture or identity.  Adding a new big man changes the team, and it will alter the way some of the Rocket's core players will play next year (IE Brooks and Martin lose some of those penetration lanes with 2 giants inside).  Superstars command plays, command shots and command at times that the offense at least feature some of their goals.

2.) 4 stars = too many hands in the cookie jar

Ok, Yao Ming + Aaron Brooks + Kevin Martin + "New PF" I mentioned above = too many stars on a team.  That's 4 alpha males in the starting lineup competing for looks, shots and leadership in the offense.  I think back to 2004 with the Lakers.  You had Shaq, Kobe, Payton and The Mailman on that roster, too many stars and not enough role players.  Role players are very important to a team and you need them to do the 'little things' that stars don't necessarily do.  Plus with 4 guys who can get 20ppg you have to sacrifice that some.  Who cuts back?  Yao will probably cut back, but Brooks, Martin and "New PF" will still command shots too.

3.) Breaking in 2 post presence players

Remember, Yao Ming is also coming back from injury...adding "New PF" will also affect how Adelman runs the post game.  Plus, you need to determine combination's of players in the post...Yao may work well with one guy but terrible with another. 

4.) What about Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry and Shane Battier (glue guys)?

Glue guys are essential to any championship team.  You need them for the key pass, the key 3, the key rebound, etc.  You need them everywhere you go.  For every Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, you have Robert Horry, Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher's galore.  You remember the stars, but you also remember the guys who hit the big shots as well in the playoffs.  For Houston, Scola is a scoring glue guy, but a guy who could drop to 12-13ppg while adding 8rpg and playing solid defense at the PF spot.  Battier plays great defense and is like a coach on the floor.  Lowry?  Well, a 4-8 record without I need say more?

5.) What about Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger and Jermaine Taylor (the kids)?

Adding another stud big man will stop the growth of these 3 players (plus whomever we take with our "Lottery Pick").  Seriously, Hill may just be another "guy", Budinger could turn into Steve Novak Jr. and Taylor may never be anything more than an occasional 'pocket scorer', but you never know.  Each guy has potential to start in the NBA.  A "New PF" is going to take minutes from Hill, and probably could cost the team Chase or Jermaine.

Now, if Daryl pulled out Bosh, Jefferson, or Lee, then I'd trust him in the trade.  However, we may just need a tweak, that 14th pick or a simple free agent pickup.  Resign Scola and Lowry, and see what happens with Yao Ming too.  This is a really deep team next year.  I'm excited about 2010-11.

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