Reality Check (Game & Worthwhile Read)

With all of the talks of the Chris Bosh trade idea and Dreamshaker's practically carrying on wet dreams about any scenario in which the Rockets manage to swing a deal for a big name free agent we're all missing crucial information. A newer thread thought the idea of trading Brooks and Ariza for Bosh was smart, what's left unsaid is it leaves at least 14 million dollars unaccounted for which causes a trade to fail. I've seen plenty of assinine ideas in which Dreamshakers seem to think we can pawn off spare parts and 20 bucks for Bosh and I wanted to pose an exercise to posters here to give them a reality check as to the options Houston has, and doesn't have. 


Here is how the game works:

1.) Propose a trade idea. 

2.) Offer your players up as a Houston GM, let me know the team you want to trade with and for what player. I will be playing the role of the other team's GM to serve as a realistic counterpoint.

3.) Salaries HAVE TO MATCH. If you're acquainted with the idea of Base Year Compensation, the maximum amount of money that can be included in a trade to make it work ($3 million), the value of rookies in the first and second rounds, and the 125% rule, then you most likely shouldn't be proposing trades. 

4.) Wait for a response from me, if we are close to a deal, I will specify it.

This isn't an exercise for me to rain on parades or flaunt anything, I just feel like Dream Shakers have let their imaginations run wild and some reality is needed to temper expectations for this off season. I ask trade proposals to consider the future of the Houston Franchise, lengths of contracts, and such. 

As Houston keep this in mind: You have Yao Ming coming back, a team with great rookies, the development of Aaron Brooks, a workhorse in Scola, efficient players in Kevin Martin and Trevor Ariza (When paired it's hard to argue that Ariza isn't becoming efficient again), Mid Level Exception Money, and the 14th pick in the draft. 13 out of 15 roster spots are filled, 1st round rooks get guaranteed contracts if they are kept, so if you use the pick and the MLE, the roster is full, which means Houston can take on no more players than it sends out without getting a third team involved.

I look forward to seeing what is proposed, and as the thread goes on, if people need to be filled in on salary cap rules, I'm more than happy to explain.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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