Dream Scenario: What would it cost to add LeBron James?

OK gang, before we get all "wild and crazy" about yet ANOTHER trade proposal, I just want to say that the way the Lottery went down last night makes LeBron James's potential suitors change that dramatically.  This is part 1 of a 3-part dream scenario, so here goes nothing.

Cleveland would have to agree to a Sign-and-Trade in order to move LeBron to Houston.  Houston doesn't have the cap space to sign King James to an outright max contract, and getting the 6-year deal from Cleveland would give him the maximum deal.  For Cleveland it would be best that if they lose their star piece to pick up something in return.  The salary values are approximate and are based off the ESPN trade machine.  Salaries could be higher for the 2010-11 cap.

Trade option A: Houston sends Kevin Martin (9.7M), Jordan Hill (2.5M), Jermaine Taylor (0.7M) and Jared Jeffries (6.5M) to Cleveland for LeBron James (16M) and Delonte West (4.6M).  The Cavs get a chance to start over.  Adding Martin gives them a 20ppg scorer to pair with Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison.  Hill can come off the bench behind Jamison and Varejao to be a 3rd big man.  Taylor takes West's spot off the bench and Jeffries is an expiring deal.  Houston moves Ariza to the 2-guard spot and goes with Brooks/Ariza/James/Scola/Yao with Lowry/Budinger/Battier/Hayes/Andersen on the second unit..  The major weakness is the frontcourt depth, but the addition of a big man with the 14th pick could mitigate that with time.  After all, David Andersen did look at least OK for stretches last year before getting hurt.

Trade option B: Houston sends Martin, Hill, Taylor and Shane Battier (7M) to Cleveland for James and Jamario Moon (3M).  This seems more realistic in that Cleveland would pick up a team leader in Battier, a scorer in Martin, a reserve big man in Hill who they can grow and groom and a potential sparkplug off the bench in Taylor.  Houston gets King James and Moon to backup the SF position.  Combining Brooks/Ariza/LeBron/Scola/Yao with Lowry/Budinger/Moon/Hayes/Jeffries doesn't seem bad, but there's no interior offense off the bench.

Trade option C: Houston sends Martin (9.7M), Jeffries (6.5M), Hill (2.5M), Taylor (0.7M), and Shane Battier (7M) to Cleveland for James (16M), West (4.6M) and Daniel Gibson (4.1M).  Does this really happen?  No, 99.99% not, but a move like this would change both teams up.  For us, we'd get a nice wing player in West and Gibson does have talent to be a 3rd PG or if we can't bring Lowry back be Brook's backup.

Could this work out?  LeBron in Houston would be similar to the 09 Cavs though: Yao may become Ilgauskas offensively, Scola is a better offensive Varejao, and Brooks is probably a duplicate Mo Williams.  Would that entice James to join Houston?  We don't really know.

What do you guys think about this idea?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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