About Hassan Whiteside and Daniel Orton

Its no surprise that we all pretty much think the Rockets should draft a big man at 14. The thing is that we all have different opinions on who we draft and why. I saw something on about Hassan Whiteside and Daniel Orton. It kind of gets into detail on their skills and what they can bring to the table both short and long term. I think we should discuss which one would be a better fit for us and why.

The following is an exerpt from regarding freshman draft prospects Hassan Whiteside of Marshall and Daniel Orton of Kentucky.

"They're different players. Hassan can dribble the ball, shoot the ball, blocks a lot of shots. He's a good kid. He's more of a big forward because he doesn't have the strength to play center. As he continues to mature, he's got a really bright future."

"Daniel's the opposite. He can play big forward and center. He's got good range on his shot. He's a little bit bigger and a little bit more confident (offensively) around the basket. He's more physical than Hassan."

"They can both block and they can both shoot. It's going to be a matter of both players getting indoctrinated this summer into what pro basketball is all about to understand the length of the game and the pace of the game."

Eric Guilleminault's observations:

Hassan Whiteside

Hassan WhitesideHassan WhitesideLong, athletic ... Shy personality ...  Has an "innocent' demeanor to him ... Not sure if he can develop as a #1 option ... But is in no way a problem child (reports of bad attitude seem overblown). Not sure why he is viewed so negatively by the media. I think he is just shy with the media and scared to say anything ... This is his first time he's dealt with stardom and he is a pretty simple, laid back kid ... Does not possess the in your face attitude of a Garnett ... He could frustrate a coach because of his expressionless demeanor ... 

But it was funny after he blocked a shot, he went over to his agent and said “that is what I do”.  And agent laughed and Whiteside gave a big grin.  Appears to have a very small circle of trust but seems like a good kid ... Overall the kid lacks maturity and is going to have an adjustment to NBA lifestyle ... Does not have the “give me the damn ball" personality but definitely wants to be present at all times on defense and protect the rim ... Very raw compared to the others in drills. Had harder time in dribbling exercises ... Was the worst of group in dribbling skills (mostly guards) and hunched way over but was also the tallest and performed pretty well for a 7 footer.

Shooting form is not pretty, he puts his off hand over the ball and the release on his shot has some sort of reverse spin ... Does have nice arc but his shooting release is very slow and mechanical ...With all these problems it is surprising that no one has decided to reconstruct his shot completely and shoot the correct way ... Missed most of his free throws, but after practice went 4 for 4 from 3 point line.

Post foot work was best of the group.  He was the most fluid on the reverse spin drop step dunk on the left block ... Quick and pro like.  Had harder time with going middle on his post moves.  Also miss timed a couple alley oops from Bob Hill but it was a communication thing ... Likes to reverse dunk and can dunk with ease and fluidity because he is so long ... He also is very inspector gadget like because of his arms able to dunk the ball around the basket quickly and from improbable angles ...  Not a Power dunker though ...

Was a human eraser on the defensive end and because of his length has a good habit of not jumping unless he has to on block shots, which should keep him out of foul trouble ... Needs to put on some weight but he's not frail ...  His upper body strength is adequate but could use a little more in the post when Armstrong and Orton tried to push him out of position ... Defense is obviously ahead of offense at this point.

Daniel Orton

Daniel OrtonDaniel OrtonNot the athlete that Whiteside is but more polished ... Big hands and long arms that allow him to easily catch one handed alley oops ...  His length helps negate his lack of elite athleticism ... He has a well build upper body with thick shoulders ...  He should be able to easily gain upper body strength and definition.  

He is at the limit of where his body fat should be (13.8% body fat) ...  He is not out of shape but definitely is not going to pose as an abs model ... Shooting form is good but flat. he pushes the ball out in front of himself too much on his release ...  

More polished offensive player, pretty good dribbler, more professional demeanor, more intense, confident personality ...  He never loses focus on the task at hand and already acts like an NBA professional (something that Whiteside did not always demonstrate: this may be due to the fact that Orton was at Kentucky and Whiteside at Marshall).  

No glaring weakness in Orton’s game but not as gifted as Whiteside athletically (other than having similarly huge hands)  He could use more arc on his shot ... Of the 3 big men - Armstrong and Whiteside being the other two, he seemed to have the least amount of lift in his legs ... Orton guarded Armstrong in 4 on 4 while Whiteside guarded a college level center because Orton had more muscle to not get backed down n the post ...

*Check back for the interviews with both players.

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