Why we should draft Ekpe Udoh

I think that we should draft Ekpe Udoh from Baylor. We need his length, athleticism, and size. He would be a fantastic back up center for now, and possibly our future PF/C along with Jordan Hill. Udoh is listed at 6'10, which means he is about 6'9 or maybe half an inch taller. His long wing span gives him the ability to be a 6'10, 6'11 presence in the paint. Some info from

  • "Offensively, one thing we didn’t touch on when we profiled Udoh in December was his passing game, something that became more prominent for Baylor’s offense as the season went on. Udoh dished out an impressive 2.7 assists per game, operating mostly out of both the high and low post, showing good court vision and the ability to hit both cutters and shooters for open looks. He shows a good feel for the game in general, something that’s become more apparent as the game slowed down for him as the year went on." 

Udoh has the ability to be a great passer. Many of his assists were on back door cuts which means he should fit in with our offense. His vision is above average as well so if in a tight situation, he can see the open man.

  • "In terms of scoring the ball, Udoh does most of his damage out of the post, where he shows a very high level of fluidity and coordination, along with the ability to turn off either shoulder, though he clearly prefers going off his left. He even shows decent ability with his less dominant left hand scoring the ball, going to hook shots and lay-ups when the situation calls for it. He has a surprisingly good command of counter moves in the post, and transitions very well from one move to another looking for a high percentage shot."

I loved this analysis when I read it. Finally we can have someone either than Yao use both hands in the post. No disrespect for Scola for having those incredible moves and scoop shots, but once teams finally realize that he never goes left, he may be limited.

  • "Udoh is also a potent threat out of isolation situations, being able to utilize everything out of the triple-threat position, be it taking his man off the dribble, shooting a mid-range jumper, or passing to an open man. Udoh’s isolation game is very intriguing, as he shows nice footwork, a good first step, and a nice variety of moves, while finishing at a decent rate at this level."

Sounds to me like this guy is an all around player on the offensive end(his midrange jumper could use some work, but he is improving). The trait that he has that I love is that he has a quick first step. A player who may have the quickest first step as a PF/C is Amare Stoudemire. Udoh is not as explosive or physical as Amare is, but if he puts on some pounds in the weight room, look out.


In Chad Ford's latest mock draft he has the Rockets taking Udoh at 14, passing on Whiteside. I would love if we could get this guy. Give him a year or two with Jack Sikma, this guy could do wonders along with Jordan Hill. Hill is much much more explosive but Udoh already has a number of moves in his post game while Hill only has one(from what we have seen so far). Assuming we stay in this spot, I hope we draft Udoh at 14.

Make it happen Morey!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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