For the sake of conversation (another trade that probably won't happen) POLL

So I was reading somewhere (I forgot where) on a blog about the Rockets that brought up a very good point. To make a long story short the summary was that the Rockets just had too much luxurious depth. Hmmm. He was saying that we had a crowded roster that we could use to trade for talent and he brought up Chris Bosh and Danny Granger. Hmmm, again. He then stated how they were both long shots but i began to think about and I don't agree. Bosh may be a long shot but how about Granger? Could he be be the elite player (in my eyes he is damn good just on a bad team so it makes him less attractive, no homo) that can put us over the top? What would we have to give up? 

Here's the proposed trade:

Kyle Lowry, Jared Jeffries, Shane Battier, Trevor Ariza, and for a sweetener the right swap a 2011 1st rounder with the Knicks.


T.J. Ford, Scott Foster, and Danny Granger

What do both teams benefit? Well the Pacers will get a point guard since they have expressed interest in getting one, a small forward to play with draftee Paul George, two expiring contracts to give flexability next summer, and another first rounder for the next draft. We get an elite player in Granger, a veteran back up pg with an expiring contract (which when his contract expires we would have money to resign Aaron Brooks), and a high energy back up center (at worst another expiring contract to give us flexability for next summer).

I am not saying that we should or would do this kind of a deal but its just for conversation. I think it actually has a chance in hell and really makes sense for both teams for now and in the future. 

Take a look at the WOULD BE roster:






Tell me what you guys think. Modify how you would do it if you want.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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