I must be bored - ESPN Trade Machine abuse (getting Iguodala)

Gerald Wallace would look good in a Rocket uniform!

OK, I definitely must be bored, but if there are any truth to these recent "rumors", could all four of these teams get what they want?

If we offered Ariza, Hill and Jeffries for Iguodala and Smith...

If Philly actually is somewhat more interested in moving Kapono, but have considered moving Iguodala...

If Portland was interested in taking Beasley and Chalmers for Andre Miller and Rudy Fernandez...

If Charlotte still wants/needs a veteran or proven point guard.... Then, this four way trade might work. (Iol)


Houston receives Iguodala and Rudy Fernandez (don't know why we supposedly are high on him).

Charlotte receives Andre Miller (so they don't have to go with Augustine and Shaun Livingston) and Jason Kapono's expiring contract.

Philly receives Ariza, and Dampier's $13 million non-guaranteed contract.

Portland receives Jordan Hill, DJ Augustine, Jermaine Taylor and a 1.2 mil exception from us (Carl Landry).


I am pretty sure these numbers would work. There might be a chance we'd have to throw in Alexander Johnson or Mike Harris to Portland for contracts to match (and likely some cash to buy 'em out), but I don't think so. We'd be sending out  about 10.9 Mil and taking back just under 125% of that - $13.6 mil. (hence the possible filler with Johnson or Harris, which both are only partially guaranteed, so Portland could release them).


I realize two things - first, could Charlotte get more for Dampier's $13 mil non guaranteed contract, and second, could Portland get more for Miller and Fernandez? I'm not sure either can. The Dampier contract has to be dumped soon. What teams are in salary dump mode already? And, while Hill and Augustine aren't exactly Beasley and Chalmers, the addition of Taylor gives Portland a slashing/scoring backup for Brandon Roy (who won't be unhappy like Fernandez was).


Like I said, very bored and can't remember ever being more amped (I'm 42) about a possible move that hasn't even happened yet! Probably 'cause I don't ever remember the Rockets being this deep, with this many appealing trade assets.


Seems like SOMETHING has to happen. Iguodala, Granger, Paul... possibly even a Deng if we've given up on Ariza. One name I haven't seen thrown around - Gerald Wallace. He has a contract similar to Granger (better than Iguodala) and is a box score filler. I'd love to see that guy in a Rocket uniform. I know Larry Brown talked MJ out of trading him awhile back. Maybe they'd like an Ariza/Hill starting package for him.


Don't bust me up... I was just having fun with the Trade Machine!



No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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