Rocket official Summer league roster


18 Blake Ahearn, G, Missouri State

10 Chase Budinger, F, Arizona

7   Gary Forbes, F, UMass

27 Jordan Hill, C/F, Arizona

3   Trevon Hughes, G, Wisconsin

30 Alexander Johnson, F/C, Florida State

25 Maarty Leunen, F, Oregon

21 Dwight Lewis, G, USC

2   Kelvin Lewis, G, Houston

14 Chas McFarland, C, Wake Forest

54 Patrick Patterson, F, Kentucky

12 Ishmael Smith, G, Wake Forest

Jermaine Taylor, G, Central Florida


Expect the player you know to start, but look out for guard play in particular. Most of the guards on our roster are know for one thing : score. We already seen Bud lit up summer league last year, so it should not be a problem for him. It's all about evaluation of talent for the end of the bench.

Guys you know

Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill, Jermaine Taylor, Patrick Patterson

No need introductions, 3 of them we already know and pretty much loves, top pick Patterson should've been analyze to death already.

Things to watch for:

Jordan Hill will be give time at the 5 and post touches to evaluate his development. Jermanine Taylor will be tested on his combo guard ability and possibly running some offense. It'd also be our first peak at how Patterson will fit in with at least most of our bench players

Guys you kind of know

Kelvin Lewis

Hometown UH product, part of a dynamic scoring duo with Aubrey Coleman. at 6-4 190, he's not the greatest physical specimen at guard, nor does he have supreme athleticism. He does however, have a very well rounded game. Not the most athletic guy out there, but he's not afraid to mix it up inside for rebounds. Shoots lots of 3 pointers, but makes lots of them too. His senior year 3pt% was .397. Dont know how well his game can translate, but it's nice that we're taking a look ate UH boys again.

Alexander Johnson

Ridiculous Upside already has a good profile on him. link

The "potential" junkies at RU calls him the most NBA ready big man in the D league. He certainly have the ability to make a NBA roster. He's made NBA roster on 2 separate occasions, and has an NBA ready body at 6-9 240.

Maarty Leunen

ABZ's fellow alum from the pacific coast. The 6-9 220 tweener forward played well for the good guys in summer league when he was drafted, but was sent to Europe to further develop his game. Ranked 27th in Draftexpress's NBA right held list. Leunen spent the past season in the Italian league, where he was able to post 12.4pt  5.6 reb and a 42% 3pt% while playing 34 minute a game and apparently was a stud for Cantu on their way deep into the playoffs. Already developed and settle in as a role player, dont be surprised to find Leunen on the roster comes training camp as a supplemental wing and power forward. (On a side note. The Chinese media sees the call back of Maarty as a sign of David Andersen's departure)

The Rest

Well,. I dont know much about the rest. Only Ish is fast but small, Chas is big but slow. Gary Forbes can score in bunches, Dwight Lewis and Trevon Hughes were good guards from respectable programs, and Blake Ahearn is a solid floor general in the D-league. I leave that to the RU guys

if you want some sort of basketball fix over the summer, buy the NBA broadband package for 14.95, it is worth it since Rockets summer team always wreck, and you can catch a glimpse of players like Bud, ABZ really excell

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