Rockets now in their sweet spot

All of the different teams approached the big FA market differently.  Some like NY and Miami emptied out their teams entirely to have the cap space to sign a big star.  Others opened up enough room but still kept some good base player on board (NJ and Chicago).  We did something entirely different, we built up so many potential trade chips that we could offer the most talent in a sign and trade.   Regardless of whether Lebron goes to Miami, Chicago or stays in Cleveland, ultimately the top rated FA's made their choice based on factors not necessarily based on winning.  If they had, the Rockets and Chicago would have been some of the top places had winning been the main rationale.

So we didn't get one of the top guys.  Sigh.  Ok I am over it.

What we have now, though,  is that Houston is in its sweet spot.

Signing a big FA was always going to be dependant on a single individual player's decisions, particularly their opinions, of where they wanted to play and maybe just as importantly : where they want to live.  Once the major portion of the FA period ends it is the Rockets, with their ability to offer trade pieces for almost every position on the court with GM's that probably have a (slightly) more rational approach to the trading process than large, ego driven big name players.

So we can still use our trade chips to sign and trade for a FA like Miller or Pryzbilla etc...or we can wait and see who blows up.  Maybe Sacremento doesn't need Landry anymore and he comes on the market? (not that we need him but I just miss the guy)  Maybe Philly decides it doesn't need Ziggy any more and is willing to unload him for cheap? 

The point is that we still have tons of capability to upgrade and change our roster.   Someone put forward the idea of Josh Smith in a possible trade.  Great idea...or at least a very creative idea, and the kind of deal that Rockets can do for a backup center or just about any position .

Be happy Rockets Fans...we are in a great position.  Would you rather be NJ, NYC, Chicago (assuming Lebron doesn't go there), Phoenix, or for Christ sake' Utah?

The way I see it we are now in the top 4 or 5 in the West (which could of course change either direction).

LA, Portland, OKC, Houston and maybe Dallas coming in at top.

Next is SA, Phoenix and maybe I am missing someone else...

Its going to start to look a lot like Christmas very soon...who knew Santa was a 7'6'' Chinese giant with mad shooting skills.



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