Why Trade Battier???

With all the talk of a Carmelo Anthony trade, it got me thinking of what the Rockets can offer that would please the Rockets, the Nuggets, and the people of Dream Shake.  First of all most of the possible trade post i have seen involve a combination of Battier, Jefferies, Hill and/or draft picks.  But do you really think that the Nuggets would trade a top 5 NBA scorer for two offensive liabilities(Battier and Jefferies), a young but unproven "rookie"( Hill), and draft picks....NO not really.  I mean under Karl, the Nuggets have been a top 5 NBA scoring team, and they rely on their offense to win games most off the time. 

What I suggest that the Rockets should offer to the Denver Nuggets are Kevin Martin, Jefferies, a Draft pick and maybe the Trade Exception, if Melo signs the 3 year/65 million extension.  Now most of you are probably thinking "Why Kevin Martin?", and here are my reasons why:

1) As mentioned earlier, the Nuggets depend on their offense to win games.  If a trade is likely to happen, Denver would need someone who can have offensive explosions when their defense is less than stellar.  Kevin Martin, as most have us seen in his time here so far, is a border line All-Star, someone who can give a team 25 - 30 points a game, and is efficient from anywhere on the floor.

2) if we kept Kevin Martin and traded Shane Battier, our starting line-up would consist of Brooks, Martin, Anthony, Scola, and Yao Ming.  In NBA 2K10, where you can have 150 possessions a game, this line-up would probably make the Miami Heat look like a High school team, but unfortunately life is not a video game.  And the problem would be as to who will get the shot after Melo has his shots.  If you see how many shots each player takes per game, is would be Crazy, Brooks-17, Martin-18, Melo-23, Scola-12, Yao-16.  That right there is almost 90 shots/ game, only from the starters.

The next point of interest that many of you will ponder is positioning.  If we traded Martin, we would have a pretty big hole at shooting guard, right?  Wrong.  What I think should happen is that we go back to the '08 - '09 season, where we had a starting line up of 1 guard, 1 center, and 3 (THREE) forwards.  You know the line up consisting of  Brooks, Artest, Battier, Scola and Ming.  Crazy right?  I don't think so.  I think we can probably do something alike with Melo instead of Crazy Pills.  Lets face it, Battier is a player that every Championship team needs. Also that Battier never looked comfortable playing the type of basketball that the 2nd unit likes to play.  Obviously, you just don't bench a superstar scorer like Melo, so you have to start them both.  

What the basic trade should look like:

If Melo decides to sign the extension, his salary would rise to about 22 million, in which we could add the Ariza TPE and/or Draft picks.



PG: Billups

SG: Martin

SF: Harrington

PF: Kenyon Martin

C: Nene

Bench: JR Smith, Anderson, Lawson, 



SG: Battier

SF: Anthony

PF: Scola


Bench: Lowry, Lee, Bud, Miller, Hill

For Houston, I think this is a more balanced team than the Kevin Martin one, because we now have great offense and very solid defense in the Starting 5.  Battier's defensive is too important in the league, especially against the Kobes, LeBrons, D-Wades of the NBA.  With this Line up, the Sky is truly the limit for the Rockets.

P.S.  This is my first post on The Dream Shake, and I am very open to constructive criticisms, so that my post will be up to par.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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