Reasons to trade for 'Melo (In all seriousness)

In my last post I was fed up with the recent trade machine posts and took out those frustrations into a full-fledged satire filled argument.  This post is for real.

From perusing through the Carmelo posts and comments, I have seen quite a few that have been along the lines of the Rockets NOT wanting to trade for 'Melo.  I was one of them.  So this may seem a little hypocritical, but hear me out those of you who are against this idea.  We need Carmelo to win a championship.  We also need Battier.  Reasons after the jump. 

 Consider this.  Out of the past 53 NBA champions, 49 of those teams had recent (within 4 years) All NBA 1st team selection.  Now, mind you, in Carmelo's position(SF), LeBron James will occupy that spot for quite awhile.  However, Carmelo performs like a first team player.  Without James in the league, Carmelo would be the guy.  The other 4 teams had one or two players on the second team.

  Many of you might think that Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks could be those guys on the second team at least.  However, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, and Joe Johnson can easily take Martin's Place.  CP3, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, and Rondo easily displace Brooks. 

Our only hope to have an All NBA first team on our current roster is Yao.  Obviously he won't be at full strength, won't be able to play many minutes, and will be taking less of a role, so he currently is out.

Now, all of this may seem to be pretentious, saying that if we trade for 'Melo that we will win championships and such.  I am not saying that.  We all know what happened in '06/'07 when we had T-mac and Yao on All 2nd team and failed to accomplish much at all.  Let me state this.  Having a star player on our team does not guarantee us anything.  It does not hurt our chances, though.  We also need a supporting cast.


Does defense win championships?  Almost.  81% of the last NBA champions have had an All Defensive 1st team player on their side(in recent years) as well.  We all know that Battier does not receive the recognition that he deserves.  He should almost be a no brainer every year for this honor.  That is why we need to try to keep him on our team if we do trade for 'Melo. 

The most astounding statistic I have seen whilst searching for reason to change my mind about the whole trade situation is this: No NBA team has won a championship without a top 5 player or top 5 defender.  Take it to the bank.  It doesn't happen.  Kevin Martin will not be the guy on offense, however much I like the guy.  Yao will not have his old touch, stamina, ect back enough as well.  Courtney Lee will not be a top 5 defender. 


Heck, the Rockets could just break all of the laws and win a championship without either of those two pieces, but it's unlikely.  I love our team right now.  I think we have a Western Conference Finals contender.  But the point of playing in the NBA is to win championships.  And with the team we have now, that is unlikely to happen.  I don't want 'Melo.  But the team just might NEED him.

(As always, I am open to harsh criticism if need be)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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