Exclusive Quick Takes With Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey

via assets.sbnation.com

By some stroke of luck, I had the chance to have a quick chat with Rockets GM Daryl Morey, who has likely made the second-most appearances on this blog, next to one Eric Cartman. Morey was pressed for time and couldn't offer too much depth, but needless to say, I can't thank him enough for his willingness to answer my questions. Though concise, I think his answers will satisfy many of the questions that folks have been asking around here for some time.

Jump to conclusions...

Tom Martin: Would you say that the offseason, considered a break for most, is the more demanding season for you, with all of the scouting and roster movement that could potentially unfold? Is there a certain point throughout the year that you can simply take a few days off and relax?

DM: Busiest months: June/July. Slowest: December.

TM: What do you think Courtney Lee will be able to do for the Rockets that Trevor Ariza couldn't?

DM: We think Courtney is a stronger two way player.

TM: What do you think of the perception that trading Ariza is an admission on your part that you made a mistake? In hindsight, do you think signing Ariza was a mistake? Or is this simply an example of using assets to improve the roster?

DM: There was an opportunity to get Courtney and we did it. [The move] does not reflect on Trevor.

TM: Do you think that continuously adding and trading away players will have a negative impact on the cohesiveness and continuity of the squad?

DM: All else equal cohesiveness is positive, but at this point we do not feel we are good enough to not continue to pursue opportunities.

TM: This team appears to contain the perfect parts for a Rick Adelman-engineered machine. Whenever you decide to make an addition/subtraction to the roster, how big a role does Coach Adelman play in deciding whom to trade and whom to acquire?

DM: We have a great [basketball] organization, every decision is a group decision.

TM: Describe the impact that the Rio Grande Valley Vipers have had on the professional club. What steps, if any, need to be taken to further improve the partnership/affiliation?

DM: Positive impact on call ups and innovation.

TM: Lance Berkman never appreciated the name "Fat Elvis." How much do you hate being called "Dork Elvis?"

DM: It's not preferred but I cannot control it.

TM: How would you describe your relationship with ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons?

DM: Friends.

TM: Can you sign a player of questionable character so that Dave can finally have some new parody material?

DM: We have to pursue talent in all forms, so Dave has a chance to be happy.

Thanks again to Mr. Morey for his time.

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