Rockets 2010-2011 Schedule - formatted for Android phones / Google Calendar import

The csv file with the schedule from is not formatted correctly to import into Google Calendar. For instance, every event shows up as an all day event when it's imported into the calendar. I fixed the formatting as well as added the station for the nationally televised games in the Location info. After downloading csv import through Google Calendar (go to settings > Calendar settings > Calendars > then click on "Import calendar" in middle of the page) to see schedule on the Calendar of your Android phone/calendar. Hopefully this is helpful to someone =D  I was waiting to add in the local tv schedule to each game but couldn't find it anywhere.

Download formatted schedule

Quick aside, check out how many televised away vs home games we have this year:

Subject,Start Date,Start Time,End Date,End Time,All Day Event,Description,Location,Private
Rockets @ L.A. Lakers,10/26/2010,9:30 PM,10/26/2010,11:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ L.A. Lakers,"Away - TNT",
Rockets vs. Denver,10/30/2010,7:30 PM,10/30/2010,9:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets vs. Denver,"Home - NBA TV",
Rockets @ New York,11/14/2010,6:30 PM,11/14/2010,8:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ New York,"Away - NBA TV",
Rockets @ Charlotte,11/26/2010,6:00 PM,11/26/2010,8:00 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ Charlotte,"Away - ESPN2",
Rockets vs. Oklahoma City,11/28/2010,6:00 PM,11/28/2010,8:00 PM,FALSE,Rockets vs. Oklahoma City,"Home - NBA TV",
Rockets @ Dallas,11/29/2010,7:30 PM,11/29/2010,9:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ Dallas,"Away - NBA TV",
Rockets @ Chicago,12/4/2010,7:00 PM,12/4/2010,9:00 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ Chicago,"Away - WGN America",
Rockets @ Portland,1/2/2011,8:00 PM,1/2/2011,10:00 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ Portland,"Away - NBA TV",
Rockets @ Orlando,1/7/2011,7:00 PM,1/7/2011,9:00 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ Orlando,"Away - ESPN",
Rockets @ Boston,1/10/2011,6:30 PM,1/10/2011,8:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ Boston,"Away - NBA TV",
Rockets vs. Oklahoma City,1/12/2011,7:30 PM,1/12/2011,9:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets vs. Oklahoma City,"Home - NBA TV",
Rockets @ L.A. Clippers,3/2/2011,9:30 PM,3/2/2011,11:30 PM,FALSE,Rockets @ L.A. Clippers,"Away - NBA TV",

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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