Aaron Brooks vs Kyle Lowry, amongst other things.

Over the past few day, I cant help but notice a significant decline of activity in this blog. The admins have gone lazy, didn't even bother writing a recap for the bucks - rockets game (good job, kmart, 36 pts). 

So here's me trying to stir something up, a subject that I'm sure everyone have had thoughts about: Lowry & Brooks.

I won't bore everyone by going back and writing about how Lowry stepped up in AB's absence. Lets's have a look at what's happening now. 

Over the last 5 games: 

HOU 108 - BOS 102: Both AB and Kyle Lowry started with Martin out with a sore wrist. Lowry played a solid game, 17 points and dishing out 8 assist. AB played even better, 24 points, and went 5 - 8 from 3 point land, oh yeah, he closed the game up as well, something Lowry can't do. 

OKC 118 - HOU 112: Again, both AB and Lowry started this game, both putting up almost the exact same points and assists. AB: 17 points 5 assists, Lowry: 18 points 4 assists. 

NO 110 - HOU 105: Martin is back and AB got benched. Lowry played well despite the loss: 28 points, 7 Assists, and 6 rebounds in 44 minutes, AB only played 15 mins and put up 9 points. 

HOU 112 - ATL106: AB came off the bench and scored 24 points and had 10 assists in 28 minutes, while Lowry had 16 points in 33 minutes. Great win. 

HOU 93 - MIL 84: Both AB and Lowry didn't perform well tonight. AB scored 5 and Lowry scored 4. Martin had a big night with 36. 


-The trade deadline is near and I'm sure DM will include either AB or Lowry in a package. There are rumours in which Houston is still making a late push for Melo but I doubt that will surface. 

-Right now,  "2 much depth" is starting to be a problem in Houston's roster. 

-Lowry can play consistently,  doing a little bit of everthing, but will never have the ability to develop into a star. 

-Brooks, when healthy is a border line all star calibre guard. He can close games(re call the Boston game, just an example). He is definitely quicker, more skilfull, and a better shooter than Lowry is. But consistency is a problem, we can't blame him though, he got hurt, and came back to find himself coming off the bench.

Can Brooks and Lowry co-exists? No doubt, they can, as seen from the win over Boston, in which both played very very well. But, we still have Kevin Martin.

-So, will it be Lowry - Martin? or AB - Martin at the backcourt? Now that Lowry has been a starter for a while, neither him or AB seems happy to come off the bench. 

Bottom Line:

Trade AB or Lowry in a package deal. Bring Ish Smith back from the D league as a back up point guard, we always have Courtney Lee as another backup. 

Do you like Lowry or AB better? please leave a comment below.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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