Trade talk, trade talk, trade talk .....bla bla bla...

Not against the trade I have been a big participant, but as I was thinking last night...waiting for my little cost center pooping machine to go to sleep, ....there are only two possible trades that can/will happen this year or at any time before anything else gets done.

The Rockets have not one but two big holes...which could be filled by the same player.

Role 1: replace Yao/get a big man to play D in the lane (obviously)

Role 2: a franchise player to anchor the team around, who can take over games if need be, etc... (I don't feel that Martin and/or Scola and/or Brooks (for you Batman) qualify as this type of player due to the lack of D and lack of consistent clutch shooting)


Now we could fill that with one player, like a Dwight Howard type player or maybe Bogut etc...but this is highly unlikely in any case.

But with these being our obvious holes I got to thinking about what other trades were possible or probable and what could be done with the new CBA coming on.

Thanking of all this I have come to the, maybe totally obvious, conclusion, that no trade of any size/decent cost is going to happen unless it lands us someone to fill these needs.  No Wallace or Iggy trade satisfies these requirements.  Sorry, its true.  For all of their skills, and the fact that they may be potential upgrades from Shane/Bud/Williams, they just don't put us over the hump with a player of that much star quality and they are not centers.

Now with Wallace on the market and rumors of Iggy also out there forever, it would seem that if these were such good ideas for us this would have been done or at least rumored about in the press.  But the fact is both these guys are good enough to be expensive enough to eat up too much cap space to be traded for UNTIL we first fill our two main holes in our lineup.

Small trades for young players like Williams or Lee type players could happen at the margins, but I just don't see us eating up cap space on a player that doesn't improve us that much when the new CBA could lower everyone's price ceilings a ton. We need to save all the YAo, Battier, JEfferies cap space for one or maybe two great players and Iggy and Wallace don't qualify.

Aside: So I have never been a huge Morey is God fan or anything but I have to give him props for one thing with the above facts in mind.  With the new CBA coming on, and our team made up mostly of cheap decent, young players, once the ceiling is lowered, if I understand the process right, all of these teams who have paid tons of money to good but not necessarily great players, will be stuck with little room to maneuver.  They may then be happy to trade away a damn good but highly paid player to us in exchange for two of our decent and cheap players.  It just allows us to potentially be in the driver seat once the new CBA comes into effect.  

So I may be wrong about this and about how the CBA could screw teams like Memphis, Clippers etc... but if I am right, we may have a ton of good news this summer and early next season as the impact of the new CBA comes in.  Fingers crossed, lucky rabbits feat, rubbing my belly and eating my Lucky Charms I am right.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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