Game 45 Preview: Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets

Back-to-backs are always tough on the preview guy, especially after a loss like the one yesterday. I need my 12-hour cooling off period, and then having the write the damn thing with an exam on Monday looming over my head that I'm not nearly prepared enough for, and you get the idea. Sorry guys.

So the Rockets kept close to the Magic through about midway through the third quarter in Orlando. AB was out and Lowry was terrible.

Damn, I really thought we would beat Memphis. But as I said in the comments, they just wanted it more than we did. It meant more to them, and it showed. Their bench was up all game long, and their fans were terrific. It doesn't help that Adelman insisted on leaving AB, Lee, Chase, and Hill in the game for way too long, while taking minutes from the two guys that gave him the big lead to begin with (Scola and Martin). I understand that with a back-to-back you have to rest people, but that was ridiculous.

Quick Matchups:

PG: Jameer Nelson vs. Kyle Lowry

Gotta be the little fella. Nelson is really good, and coming around the screens will get him tons of easy shots. Note that Nelson and Gilbert Arenas will not play at the same time.

Lowry for once had a bad game against his former team. Sure, he notched a bunch of assists, but he normally does a better job scoring against them, too. And AB was terrible. Absolutely terrible.

SG: Jason Richardson vs. Kevin Martin

It's the battle of the 3-point shooters. I like K-Mart, but I don't like K-Mart's defense. I'll call it even, just like last time.

SF: Hedo Turkoglu vs. Shane Battier

Turkey Glue vs. our Glue Guy. I like turkey, but not Turkey. He will be looking for his own shot tonight and has really rejuvenated this team with his arrival.

PF: Brandon Bass vs. Luis Scola

Bass is much more polished than when he was in Dallas. Back then, he was just a guy who muscled his way through people to the basket. Now, he has a semblance of a post game and could make Scola work

C: Dwight Howard vs. Chuck Hayes+Fouls

I'm gonna bet on the big guy. He's pretty good.

Bench Advantage: Should be Rockets, but who knows?

Prognosis: Pretty bad

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