Like I Said....... Get New Coach Fast....... And save the Season!!!

          I've Sat and Watched for weeks this horrible Coaching... Since my last post You guys Ridiculed Me about this same Post.   Rick Adelman have made this very post correct !!  For those who would like the FACTS or Deny the FACTS.....

                                                                           I'LL Repeat It Again, Here Goes !!!

I DON'T Think ANYMORE..... I KNOW Now ---- it's clear that the real PROBLEM is The COACH " RICK OLDEMAN " ....... This is a new type of Game in this Era of Basketball !!!! It's not the players - we have a good strong talented core of players.... It's the coach with his Poor System -  - Poor Strategy,  Poor Subsitution Patterns,  Poor Experimenting Ideas during the Game,, Everything he's done has been Poor !!! This is What Practice is For.. Rick !!! We need a New Young Coach!!! This team is way to talented not to be playin ..500+ .. basketball. We play with No Passion and No Attitude and that the coaches job to teach the players these tools,,,, 95% of Basketbal is Mental !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know everyone loves Chuck Hayes, Shane Battier, Aaron Brooks, but it's about Winning!! Shane contributes nothing at all and he to old for this style of basketball era, Aaron is a BallHOG who only wants self glory instead of being a team player,,, use that speed to break down defense and get team mates involved!!!! Chuck Hayes is to short, to slow, can't score, can't rebound, Chuck just Can't Can't CAN'T -- his name should be Can't Hayes....LOL

Terrence Williams, Ish Smith, Chase Bud, Courtney Lee, Louis Scola, Jordan Hillare ready to be Good Players and maybe Superstars if given the opportunity!!!!! They have Length, Athleticism, toughness, and they fit this new era of basketball !!

What are we Committed to People we Like or Building the Right Organization of Winning Spirit ????


ps....  Just because I Care...LOL   Everyone tell me this,, if your system is not working,  why not revamp it or shake up the people in rotation???
          Why haven't Rick Oldeman put the only other player on the team who can get his own shot beside Kevin Martin, in the game?  I'm speaking of Terrence Williams, he's an Awesome Young Talent who can:   Pass / Shoot / Defend and Compete with Best in Athletes, and get his own shot when we hit those droughts,, that causes us to loose so many games!!!!  

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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