What I got out of the Spurs vs Rockets

Hello everybody, first off let me say this is my first post on this blog :).

Well, let me just say that this Spurs Rockets game was one of the few games where I was on my high horse for a while then I was cringing at the thoughts of other things simultaneously. Well, let's start of with the bads :(.

Bad #1: Aaron Brooks

I don't know what is with him this season, one game he's hitting 3's from the parking lot, the next he's banking 3's off the glass and wasting last second shot attempts. Against the Spurs Aaron was said to only have 2 Turnovers, but it really didn't feel like that watching him, every time he touched the ball he was putting up bad shots, giving passes where Luis Scola has to charge into his defender, getting blocked (He was blocked 4 times), or just losing the ball at the end of what seemed all the quarters. Now, I'm a sports fan who views it as this, if he's not doing well SUB HIS ASS OUT! Not only did Rick not do that, Aaron played the most minutes off the bench! More minutes than Chase who was stroking and more minutes than Ppat who was playing good defense (what a block by him) and hitting his jumpers! Overall, it was a terrible game for Aaron hopefully he gets back on track for the rest of the road trip.

Bad #2: Kevin Martin

Oh Kevin Martin, I love the way you play, until there's 12 minutes left in the ball game then you're no better than Jermaine Taylor. Tonight was a prime example of that, except I didn't love the way you played when there was 36! Let me repeat, 36! Minutes left in the game. How can a team's leading scorer and most explosive player NOT have any points in 3 straight god....quarters (I believe children read this blog so I put dots there). Okay, I don't want to dwell on Kevin Martin's 4th quarter defenciencies because it seems like we do that enough already, so I'm going to move on to the fouls. 5?!?! When's the last time I've ever seen this guy with 5 fouls..Somebody tell me if that is a true stat because I don't believe it. Speaking of other stats that I can't believe are true. 0 Free Throws were taken by Kevin Martin against the Spurs, 0. I just went from excited in my first post to depressed, so onto BAD #3!

Bad #3: Fastbreak Defense and Paint Defence

I know some of yall are thinking? Paint Defence?!?! We controlled the offensive and defensive rebounds and forced Tim Duncan, Blair, and Mcdyess into only average nights! Stat wise we did, it might say 5-11 for duncan, 6-12 for Blair, and 2-3 for Mcdyess, but during the game they were taking some jump shots and missing those. I know whoever was watching the game remembers how Blair had like 4 open dunks in the span of 5 minutes, which I believe was on an 11-0 Spurs run (it wasn't 4 but you get my drift). It's points like that that just get me, how we can let people just walk into our paint and put the ball in the basket, you can't let that happen if you want to win games!

Onto Fastbreak Defense. We were outscored by 11 on fastbreaks TO THE SPURS, and the Spurs were efficient as hell when it came to their oppurtunities. Tony Parker was going into the paint on 1 on 1 fastbreaks and getting easy layups, Jefferson was hitting everything, and pretty much it was bad. It's a weird day when

you see the Spurs out fast break you in the NBA.

Now that we're all gloomy and depressed and thinking about watching something like College Basketball instead of the NBA we're going to go to the goods :)

Good #1: The First 3 Quarters

During the first 3 quarters I truly had a feeling we would win this game, because we kept it close! There was a point in the 2nd quarter during an 11-0 run where I felt the Spurs drifting away, but we got off our ass and kept playing, until the 4th quarter of course. But still, Chase was hitting things, Lowry was doing well, Scola was being himself, What More Can I Say, we were playing the best team in the league and we never were

out of a 6 point range! That's how the Rockets should play everygame against a good team, just stay in it and maybe just maybe it won't end up like the rest.

Good #2: Luis Scola

Luis Shot 8-17 for 23 points yesterday and had 10 rebounds! I know it's not numbers that fly off the screen and make you go WOW! But going 8-17 on defenders like Blair and Mcdyess who are both very strong and physical is something I can clap to. Also there was a stint in the 2nd or 3rd quarter..Getting my memories mixed up a night's sleep does that to you. So there was a stint in which he was like 1-5 or something, he was passing up his jumpers and not being aggressive during the time, and as everybody says shooters keep shooting, so keep shooting Luis even though you're having a bad stretch. But, I love this model of consistency, he gives me hope everytime I turn on FSH and I have to bear with the announcers who are very lovable fun to listen to guys but bias and not very smart at the same time.

Good #3: The Spurs

This team is just lights out this season, I don't know how, and I sort of don't want to know how, maybe it's their new idea of running when playing basketball, maybe it's Jefferson, or maybe its this core of young bench players, I don't know, but they're such a damn good basketball team it's unbelievable. Even though I don't like The Spurs I give credit where it's due and it is definitely due here, who would've known that The Spurs would be the #1 team in the NBA again.

If you really bothered to read this whole post of complete crap or idiocyy  or whatever you think of it, our offensive rebounding was pretty good during this game.

I'm not a very good finisher, like some teams I know of, but let me just say that it was a very fun and exciting game through most of it, I am proud with our performance and hope to see more like it in February.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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