Chandler Parsons' France Stint Report

[Nice report from a FanPoster. Parsons needs to learn plenty, obviously, but despite the disappointing returns, I think he's got a bright future. -- Tom]

So Houston's second round pick in the 2011 draft, Chandler Parsons, is coming back to the USA after a 2 month stint in Cholet Basketball, runner-up of the last French Championship. Even if I'm French, I usually don't follow Pro A Championship a lot but this year, with stars such as Tony Parker and Nicolas Batum and no NBA, I watch it a lot more. Being a Rockets fan, I paid particular attention on Chandler Parsons.

So Chandler was brought with a medical joker contract, which is a short contract used to replace an injured player. His first contract was ending the 4th Octobre, covering the Euroligue's Qualifying Round. He signed a new one wich was finishing on October 31st, covering Pro A's first 4 games. Yesterday, it was announced that Chandler won't signed a prolongation and will return in the United States to prepare for the NBA Season. The main reason for that is that both Chandler Parsons and Cholet's coach believed the NBA season will start soon and they doesn't want Chandler to have to go back to the US, using his NBA return clause, without a warning, in the middle of a game preparation.

So now, on Chandler Parson's stint on Cholet :

Chandler's stint started with a huge disappointment, as Cholet was eliminated in the very first round of the Euroligue Qualifiers against Zagreb (70-77). Parsons was particulary criticized for his poor game : 2pts, 5Reb and 2Ast for an evalution of 5 in 16 minutes.

After this game, Chandler didn't play in the Pro A first game : In France, you can only have 5 non-French player in one match, Cholet having six non-French players, thay had to benched one, they choosed Parsons.

So the former Gators started his season against Nanterre, in a 90-82 win, scoring 7pts at 2-7, 3Reb, 5Ast and 3Stls in 23 minutes for an evaluation of 11.

His third game was at Chalon/Saone, he played his best game as a Cholet Player, scoring 14pts (5-9), 2Ast, 1Stl and collecting 11 boards in 25 minutes, for a 24 evaluation, Cholet won 79-71.

His last game as a Cholet player was in a 70-79 loss against Tony Parker's ASVEL, Chandler scored 9pts (4-7), 4Reb, 2Ast and 3Stls.

In his 3 Pro A's game as a Cholet player, Chandler Parsons averaged 10pts (.478 FG%, .400 %3pts, .600 FT%), 6Reb, 4Ast, 2,3Stls, 0,3Blcks and 1,7TO for an average evaluation of 15,7 which are pretty good numbers for the Pro A, he ranks second in the Steals per game Category, 18th in assists per game 15th in Rebond per game and 14th in the average evaluation.

On the scouting report, you can say that Chandler Parsons is a pretty agressive player, attracting a lot of fouls, if he's not a premiere scorer, he's an all-around player that can produce in both end of the floor, making a little of everything, but don't get too high on the guy : It's only the Pro A, he still has a long way to go to become a good NBA Player.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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