And Then There Was One...

... and then there were none


In case you haven't been following the latest developments:

These developments leave us out in the cold... so where do we go from here?

For all of us that were dreaming about a frontcourt of Gasol/Nene, reality just hit. While I have seen many comments suggesting we go the rebuilding route, I still have a glimmer of hope left for us to contend. However, I must acknowledge two pros of rebuilding right now: It's a short season AND if we tank we'll get to keep our own lottery pick (if not in the lottery we have to send it to New Jersey, not the other way around).

But really, who wants to see their team suck?

Daryl Morey doesn't, that's why he was willing to perpetuate the Lakers legacy by facilitating a trade for Chris Paul... and we all know how that turn out.. or do we? There was a lot of speculation on the hidden agenda behind David Stern voiding the trade, but seeing how the trade with the Clippers has also fallen thru and how other teams do not want to deal with the League-controlled Hornet's front office, I see a window of opportunity.

Yes, I believe our only chance to cotend is to make the Chris Paul deal happen, and yes, this post includes a trade scenario that I believe would accomplish that while satisfying all parties at the same time... and I apologize in advance if this causes more trade scenarios to be posted by fellow Dreamshakers lol.

First, lets dispell the myths...

Myth: The NBA wants the Hornets to save money on salaries

Not true. Per the new CBA, every team has to spend an amount a few millions shy of the salary cap on players. However, they do want to get rid of contracts that eat up their salary cap for this summer to allow the new owners to sign any FAs they want

Myth: The Lakers/Rockets/Hornets deal is dead without Lamar Odom

Not ture. The only reason the Hornets wanted Odom (or Kaman for that matter) is because his salary could come off the books this summer as he has a team option for next year, and (like I said above) allows the new owners to sign whoever they like. Actually, it's because they traded Lamar Odom that this deal is still possible.

The Lakers have two first round picks in the 2012 draft (their own and the Mav's) and about a $9 million trade exception. The Rockets have a lot of youth, that may develop to good role players... but not stars.

Without further ado... I say clear the bench!

Trade 1


Trade 2

Luis Scola fits into the Lakers trade exception, I only use Matt Barnes to make the trade work on the trade machine since the TPE doesn't show there yet. In either trade, taking Trevor Ariza back with our TPE from the Battier trade allows the Hornets to save $7 million next year. In trade 2, taking both Ariza AND Okafor saves them $10 million next year (which is about the same they would save with Kaman on the proposed trade with the Clippers). Add three late first-round draft picks and cash, call it a deal.


Also, we can always sign Dalembert if they chose to keep Okafor

Starting lineup: Lowry/Lee/Ariza/Gasol/Okafor or Lowry/Lee/Ariza/Gasol/Dalembert

If we have to, just keep Patterson/Morris/Parsons, send everyone else

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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