So we're half way there?

I'm an avid fan of the rockets, I truly am. I was still a baby when Hakeem Olajuwon took the Houston Rockets to back-to-back championships. I grew up watching Steve Franchise and Cuttino Mobley run the back court. I was there when we drafted Yao Ming, and as an Asian American, I took personal pride with the Houston Rockets as "my" team. I rooted for them during the best of times, and I cried during the worse, which was known as the endless torture of making it pass the 1st round of playoffs.

I remember how excited I was when I heard we acquired T-mac, the reigning scoring champion, hoping, wishing, wanting, and believing that this was going to be the era of the Houston Rockets again. Sadly, injuries put that dream to rest pretty quickly. Now, I'm looking at this team and I am just trying to figure out, what exactly is our identity?

We are currently 22-27, and our team is nothing like the super powered franchise that we had going for us. All we have is Luis Scola and Kevin Martin. Those are really the only players I acknowledge on this roster as above average. I also respect Shane Battier, just because that man is the epitome of a selfless, do-whatever-it-takes to win, player.

So, with three above average players, where and what exactly are the Rockets? We're certainly not the defensive grinding team under the guidance of Jeff Van Gundy, and this Princeton Offense I'm trying to identify is rather hard to find. I understand the difficulties that Rick Adelman is definitely going through, trying to put together a winning team. I believe I am equally as frustrated because this run-and-gun mentality certainly isn't us. 

We allow on average, teams to put 107.4 104.9 points against us, while we can only score 106.9 105.1 points in return. Our offense certainly isn't the problem. We could play against any opponent, and lead the 1st three quarters by a large margin, and in the end, we end up barely winning by 1 or we suffer a devastating loss. The obvious reason for this, would be our lacking of a big man. Since the Great Wall of China crumbled, the Mongolians have been driving down the lane and taking there blood lust into the paint. Sorry Chuck Hayes, you're no Great Wall, but the wagon is greatly appreciated.

Lakers' struggles have Kupchak ready to make moves

I believe we need to make a trade for a viable big man. Anyone taller than Chuck Hayes would be a good start, but someone who definitely doesn't play the Point-Center, like Brad Miller. I hear the Lakers might shake up their roster, Click Here. I saw someone posted a suggestion for Dalembert, which doesn't sound like a bad idea. Hell, I would take Kwame Brown, just to have known that we've done something. So far, all I hear is Morey is biding his time, he's a genius, he'll pull the steal of the century. I'm tired of him collecting common trading cards, hoping he'll find some idiot to give him some holographic 1st edition thing, for it.

I know this has been mentioned and brought up several times, but clearly I'm just frustrated at the direction we're heading. At best, we're just going to end up 42-40, no where near the playoffs, and no where near making it big in the lottery. Please, I want to believe again. I want the Rockets to take off and soar. I want them to thrive and succeed, because I know damn well we are better than this. So we're half way there, and at this point, the end of the road is looking pretty bleak, unless we do something about it.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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