yet another worthless reflection on the current trade environment

1) A. Brooks:

Is, without a doubt, a starting quality PG, has major speed and shooting skills to burn opponents, has good clutch moments, and despite his walking out in frustration the other game, he seems to be a pretty classy guy.  He is one of the main reasons why we have continued to be a solid team the last three years,despite all the injuries.  His D sucks, but his O skills make up for that for him to be a starting PG.  This year is a down year.  Lowry is also good and is also good enough to be a starting PG, we just now have a bottle neck at PG and both guys want the job desperately.  If you want to blame anyone for the current issues, blame Manu, who hurt Brook's ankle and knocked him out of his starting job and upset the apple cart.  Honestly, also, who gives a shit who actually starts at PG...its just prideful crap, play who is hot, or who is useful, if both get major minutes than does it really matter.  Back to Manu, he didn't start for years, does anyone really doubt he is a great player anyway? The only way we really mess with having both Brooks and Lowry is if it is to get a top all start player or a top big man.   Otherwise this situation stays as is...with Brooks and Lowry continuing to fight for the top spot.  They are a great combo threat to other teams and actually work well together normally when Brooks isn't having a down year.

2) C Lee

I was a fan of Ariza. I was very skeptical of the Ariza for Lee trade.  I still like Ariza, mainly for his D and stealing skills, but Lee offers us things are many dimensions that we have to have:

a) another PG, particularly if we have to trade Brooks or Lowry for an all star or a great big man.

b) a strong backup SG: Martin is awesome but he can't play forever and could always get injured.  Lee is capable to do this well.

c) perimeter D: this skill, combined with his PG abilities make him really really really valuable.  With a Brooks/Martin lineup we are very very poor on perimeter D.  If you put Lee in for either player then you get a huge improvement.  The only bad part is when Lee plays with Lowry...then our offense suffers more.  

These combo of factors make Lee as or maybe more valuable than trading straight up for Asik.  Its not that we dont desperately need a big man...we do more than anything, but there are some available.  Why trade Lee for Asik when we can maybe sign Pryzbilla, Dalembert, Perkins, etc... instead.


3) Melo rental:  This is only going to happen if Melo doesn't get nervous about his money situation and doesn't resign with Denver.  NYC probably knows they can't trade for Melo, because it will gut their fragile team. Houston only does a rental if they get Nene in the process...basically arguing that they are doing Denver a favor by giving them something for Melo instead of getting nothing.  We can offer a couple of picks and young players, while Chicago will probably just give up Asik and Deng.   Nene is really the secret to this puzzle and I just don't see this happening.


4) Big Man:  A trade for a Dalembert or Przybilla puts us into the 7th to 8th seed for sure this year.  (assuming we keep lowry, martin, scola in the process). Getting a player like Nene may even put us into the 5th or 6th seed.  This is not enough to be truly competetive for a title but it does a huge job in getting us there.  Maybe we can trade for Nene and Kaman? but that would be a huge salary bump up.   This is really where the actually really matters for this team, but with so many teams trying to compete with LA and Boston's size, I just don't think we are going to get much in the way of youngish vets.  Camby is going to a contender for sure....maybe Orlando? or a team like that.

Hope this wasn't a complete waste of time.

FYI: son is still in the 95th percentile in height...and 26 inches at 3 months of age.  Does anyone know what percentage high 6'9'' is?  I am thinking he could be a shortish PF. His daddy is bolted to the ground via gravity and no jumping ability....but I am planning to send him to the "Scola PF Badass Camp for Kids Who Don't Jump So Good."...which could make all the difference.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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