Who I would NOT trade

We spend most of our time talking about who is trade bait, and how our team can change or prosper.  However, there are some guys on this team who I DO NOT want to see traded whatsoever.

1.) Kyle Lowry: Not only has he steered this team pretty well for stretches, he's developed his 3-point jumper and does a better job of getting K-Mart and Scola into the offense than Brooks does.  Plus we gave him a very sold 4 year contract and Lowry plays the game nicely.  I like Kyle and I hope he's the PG to build on.

2.) Patrick Patterson: I like this kid.  Think Luis Scola meets Carl Landry.  Ok, maybe not as good as both guys are/were, but he's got the potential to be pretty darn solid out there with this team.  Get the Rockets another legit 7'0 center and put PP next to him and you're looking at a pretty solid tandem out there.  Or at least with Scola starting Patterson is that 3rd big who helps out in many different ways.

3.) Luis Scola: He is the definition of professionalism.  I wish he was 7'0 tall and could be our center, but unfortunately he's only a 6'9 PF on this team.  I think he's underrated defensively and capable of carrying a team on the offensive end for stretches.  He's the scrappy 4 man that Patterson should hope to become and I sort of expected this kind of breakout.  Will he be a 19/8 guy the next 4 years?  Probably not, but something around 15-16 ppg and 7-8 rpg would be fantastic.

4.) Courtney Lee: In a different system, he could be Shane Battier 2.0.  He's a capable defender and a solid enough offensive player who does well out there.  Unless you can get a star to build around for Lee, then DO NOT TRADE him.

5.) Ish Smith: A stretch to say the least, but I like his game.  He plays hard, and once he develops a semi-competent jumper I think he could be a Rondo-lite type PG out there.  Besides most lists should have 5 guys right?


For the record, I would trade K-Mart (worry about injuries), Budigner/Hill (regression), Battier/Jeffries/Yao (expiring deals), Brooks (bat attitude), Miller (deserves better than this), Hayes (can we invent a growth hormone for him?) and T-Will (haven't seen enough of him yet).

Who are your untouchable Rockets?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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