Rockets Trade Rumors: Deadline Discussion Thread

This is it, folks. The NBA Trade Deadline officially hits at 2pm Houston time today. Use this thread to discuss the latest rumors and opinions.

Of course, the hottest rumor pertaining to the Rockets right now is one that has them talking with the Grizzlies about a Shane Battier for Hasheem Thabeet swap. But Houston is unwilling to pull the trigger unless Memphis also sends a future first round pick. Memphis doesn't want to do that, so they are said to be looking to get a third team involved somehow.

The opinion on Thabeet from most NBA fans is pretty low. The guy is a project player in every sense of the word. He's still very young and I personally believe he still has potential. Also, with Houston's history of improving big men, I'd be willing to give this move a shot. If it doesn't work, it isn't like we gave up too much. The expiring contract of a player that is adored by the fan base, but was unlikely to be in their future plans. I say go for it if you can get that first rounder (or OJ Mayo, Thabeet for Brooks, Battier) thrown in. It's better than losing Shane at seasons end with no compensation.

Other than that, the trade rumor mill seems to be pretty quiet for Houston. Keep checking back to this post today for updates as they happen.

UPDATE #1: Woj is now fueling the flames on the Thabeet/Battier rumor:

Rockets-Grizzlies discussions on Battier-for-Thabeet plus pick, reported by Commercial-Appeal, "definitely has legs," source in talks says.

UPDATE #2: Alex Kennedy makes it sound like a deal is all but done:

MEM is confident that they'll land Shane Battier before deadline. HOU likely receiving Hasheem Thabeet and pick.

UPDATE #3: ESPN is saying we're talking with Minny about a Johnny Flynn deal:

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Houston Rockets are discussing a deal that would land Wolves point guard Jonny Flynn with the Rockets, according to sources briefed on the discussions. Although the full details of the deal weren’t immediately known, two sources said Thursday that the Rockets were indeed weighing whether to go ahead with the trade in advance of the 3 p.m. deadline. Yet it’s also believed that the Wolves are still talking to other teams as well.




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