Thru 59 games, Dawn of a New Era

First, who the hell is DeMarre Carroll? And, at 6-8, how dare he be listed as a PF!

Second, I'm very optimistic about Thabeet. With him (and Yao Ming, may he not retire yet) we now have the two tallest centers in the NBA (He's listed at 7-3, get it right). I feel that if he just gets enough PT and gains about 30 lbs he'll be ready to start for us next season. Because of his size he will be prone to injuries (as we saw with Yao) so Morey will send him down to the Medical Center, where a specialized team of doctors and nutritionists will evaluating day and night, which will culminate in the injection of adamantium into his bones... creating the ultimate center.

Finally, exactly 29 games ago, our beloved Rockets sat at .500 with a record of 15-15. Since then, they have gone 13-16 and although the team's play has been up and down with disappointing losses (Phily and Minnesota) and impressing victories (in Boston, in Atlanta, in Utah), they are just about where they need to be to make a run for the 8th seed, as I stated in my last progress report.



Updated Team Stats

Your Houston Rockets have continued to excel offensively though not as efficiently

  • Rockers are 3rd in Points-Per-Game with 105.5
  • FT shooting is at 79.2%, good for 4th
  • Remained 3rd in assists per game with 23.4, BUT
  • Dropped to 14th in 3pt shooting % with 36%

And our defense has gotten even worse, giving up 105.1 PPG

Onto the players...

Kyle Lowry

  • Really struggled during the first 5 games of the year, all of which we lost... but
  • Has improved his TO/Assist ratio and scoring
  • There's no question about it now, he'll be our starting PG from here on out

Grade -> B

Kevin Martin

  • Started missing FTs, wth!
  • Keeps disappearing for stretches during games
  • But just like the last game in Cleveland, he can turn the switch on and pour points in a hurry

Grade -> B

Shane Battier

  • Is gone now, but
  • Was having a fairly good year, compared to last season
  • I'll never forget the first playoff game vs the Lakers when he was bleeding

Grade -> A (fandom bias)

Luis Scola

  • Is sometimes forgotten
  • Improved he's FT shooting, 72% Wooo!
  • The most consistent (more often than not) player on the team

Grade -> B+

Chuck Hayes

  • The Beast from Kentucky!
  • Had thirteen, 13! offensive rebounds against the Cavs
  • Still, shouldn't be the starting center on some nights (can we for once win the tip-off)

Grade -> B+

Aaron Brooks

  • Is gone, finally!
  • Really pissed me off when he walked out on the team
  • Was shooting 25% (17/68) over the past 6 games, good riddance!

Grade -> D

Courtney Lee

  • Complete turnaround from the beginning of the season
  • Got the memo and stopped missing so many FTs
  • Has shown he can score in bunches if given PT and some shots, let the kid play RA!

Grade -> B+

Chase Budinger

  • Is gonna miss his wing man Shane, who else in the team is down to party with The Bud?
  • Dropped 30 points in Cleveland... really?! ...though still lacks consistency
  • A starter now, though I don't think he will next season (whenever that is) something's bound to happen

Grade -> C+ (I'll believe it when I see it)

Brad Miller

  • Has to go, as he is not part of our "rebuilding plan"
  • Actually, shouldn't even play anymore, his minutes should go to Thabeet
  • Was "injured" for 14 games, though I think he was just tired
  • Still "The Most Dunked-on Center" in the league

Grade -> C

Jordan Hill

  • Still a work in progress
  • Got injured, but came back with monster dunks
  • Should just go back to playing PF

Grade -> C

Patrick Patterson

  • Is the future!
  • Was a beat in Detroit, and needs more PT
  • Though he should not be taking 3s

Grade -> B

This guys get an Incomplete:

Ishmael Smith

  • Shouldn't have been traded!
  • But I guess he had to be included for us to absorb DeMarre Carroll and make the trade work
  • Will also be missed, he has great potential and hopefully we can get him back

Terrence Williams

  • The Free T-Will twitter movement has succeeded! just like in Egypt
  • I believe the hype

Jared Jeffries

  • Went back to the Knicks
  • Will get some PT cause we all know they need players over there after the Nuggets' heist

Hasheem Thabeet

  • Needs a cool nickname
  • And lots of playing time!

Goran Dragic

  • I only remember him as
  • "The random dude that single-handedly beat the Spurs in that playoff game that one time"

DeMarre Carroll

  • Seriously, WHO is this guy?
  • If it wasn't for his 1st-round-draft-pick-rookie-contract, we could've bought him out and kept Ish

Around the League

This was one of the most active trade deadlines in recent memory. Once the Melo trade went down, all the dominoes started to fall. I think the Knicks are as close to a title as we are, but only time will tell. Also, I don't think the D.Williams trade was that bad for Utah, surrounded by good shooters Devin Harris can get more assists and offset his lack of scoring punch

Oh and can somebody tell me, what the (expletive) where the Cavaliers thinking? Baron Davis leaving the Clippers only means they'll have enough money to keep DeAndre Jordan this summer!

Michael Jordan is cheap, the Mavericks suck, the finals will be in San Antonio and Miami will weep, yada yada yada

Looking Forward

As it stands right now, the Rockets are a long shot to make the playoffs. Nothing a little 22-game win streak can't fix! But realistically, this season is over son, time to scout the NCAA for future stars and ponder on what the next CBA will look like. If we could just go 13-10 and finish at .500 I'll be pretty pleased... yes, another moral victory. Get used to it Rockets fans, it might take a while...

In Morey I still trust

Go Rockets!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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