2 minute thoughts on Thabeet/ NJ recap

So, Our first game back from the blood storm that was the NBA trade deadline pitted our de-aged rockets against the hated Deron Williams and the New Jersey Nets.

Subtractions: Best Role Player ever, former MIP/ disgruntle midget GIANT MAGICAL PG,and Ish Smith.

Additions:TheRealTWill#wordaapp(well, technically to the rotation), that real tall guy with his name associated with Darko Millic, Spurs playoff killer for one spectacular quarter, and whoever the hell DeMarr Carroll is

Fast pace game, All-star game-esque defense, we kind of know the drill.

Fun part after the jump.

The Rocket never really pulled away until mid way through the 3rd, but they never looked like they were in danger of losing, not even in the fourth quarter(I know, right?).  Everyone you expected to do their thing did their thing. Chuck Hayes, continue to pile up surprising stats like 7 assist and 2 blocks(!?), Kyle Lowry, looking a bit down from the departure of his running mates, got 10 points 9 assist /2 TO. Martin and Scola proceed to combine for 53 pts, though it really helped when you were guarded by The Machine and Kim Kardashian's new Boo(I cant believe how many close ups she's got, it's only Kim Kardashian the athlete conqueror). I will mention the others later.

The first quarter was the only real shaky part of this game, as D-will methodically piled up 8 assists through some well time passes to the Better Lopez twin and Kim Kardashian's new Boo, but once the Machine warmed up, Kmart ,Scola and Bud proceeded to torch the new and improved Soon to be Brooklyn Nets for essentially the rest of the game. we scored 71 by half time and hit 99 by the end of the the 3rd, would have been 100 if Courtney Lee didn't miss FTs again and by the 4th quarter it was garbage time.

Speaking of Courtney Lee, I liked to give props to following players.

Chase Budinger: 27 points on 8 of 11 shooting, and 3 out of 4 from beyond the arc, 6 rebound and one highlight. You couldnt play like this before? If you did, you'll probably be traded for Perk or someone better. Anyways hell of an offensive display, keep going to the rack for those dunks, you are much better with it.

Courtney Lee: 10 points , 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal. Add a 3 and a block and you'll have the Shane Battier stat line. Thank you for literally singlehandedly shut down Deron William and by proxy the entire Nets offense in the 3rd quarter, this lead 8 straight scoreless possession for the Nets and a 20 point lead. D-Will ended the game with 17 assist, but he only shot 3 of 12, and you forced 2 of his 4 TOs.

Now on to the new players/players that finally played

Terrence Williams: T-Will is finally free, though with Bud shooting lights out, he was only out there 10 minutes, that probably beats all his rockets minutes combined before last night. As we know from twitter, TheRealTWill#wordaapp has a flair for the dramatic,and it shows in his game. He tried to do spectacular things like the touchdown pass to C-Lee, but you cant try to make every play a highlight play. He does however, have good vision, made the PG less line up work using both him and Lee. T-Will is not selfish, but he is trying too hard to be great. Keep it simple for now, give it to Patterson for a post play, you can be simple and awesome like the next guy.

Goran Dragic: is Awesome. I know the stat said mediocre, but that guy was awesome to me every time he hit the court last night. Why? because this guy was competing with some fire in his eyes. I mean he was up in D-Will's face when he was defending, he was driving hardcore to the basket, running fast breaks, creating TOs. He does not know the plays yet, which is why he basically drives hard to the basket every time, but I was pretty impressed by his defensive intensity(which I didnt know he had). Although all these could be because Mrs Sharapova was playing o the opposing team, and he would like nothing more than to deck the guy in the face(dont we all). Love a guy being active on D. Keep up the good work, baby Nash.

Here's the real news of the game




For 2 Glorious Minutes, we got to see what it's like to have a 7 foot + center again, and It kind of sucked. I dont know what Memphis Grizzles did to the poor guy, but he's pretty much lost any confidence he ever had in the game of basketball. He played like an abused kitten just adapted from the pound. He was tentative on ever single move, he hesitated to set picks, once he committed to it, he quickly backs out of it before the guard had a chance to use it. Same way on the block, got nice deep position once, didnt get the ball, but proceed to back out of the circle without the chance to get a rebound. In the end poor guy piled up 2 fouls, one of them wasnt his fault, the other one well should not have happened.

Come on my Tanzanian friend, dont let Hamed Haddai out play you(or Dan Gadzuric for that matter)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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