How Important this was

I am covering 3 points in this post

1. We all remember and loved Carl Landry!! I was sad for a whole week when I saw that Carl Landry got traded for Kevin Martin in the Tmac trade!! Now I have been thinking why at this time, our record was better last year than it is this year! We have a far better team! Last year we had Aaron Brooks, Chase Budinger, Trevor Ariza, Chuck Hayes, Scola, Landry, David Anderson, Battier, BRIAN COOK, Lowry etc. Now we have a more Badass version of Scola, Aaron Brooks, Chase Budinger, Courtney lee, Jordan Hill, KEVIN MARTIN, Patrick Patterson, Terrance Williams, Brad Miller, Lowry, Battier, Hayes and even Ish Smith and Jarred Jefferies. Same coach, same offense, same GM, same owner and a far higher Payroll! Why cant we do better!! 

A. This is the main reason. Rockets cant close this year at all. They are up by double digits and the loose that game! This has happened countless amount of times. This wouldnt happen as often last year because Landry was the most clutch person in the team last year. He was 2nd in the nba in 4th quarter scoring next to Ledouche...i mean lebron james. He could close out games and was a definate candidate in 6th man of the year award. This is why everyone loved him! 

B. Injuries! This also goes back to Carl Landry and how he got teeth knocked out and still played hours after his Dental Surgery. However, last years injuries were bad. This year was much much worse. 

C. Bad rotations because of too many good players. 



to change this we have to bring a player who can close out games! a veteran shooter (free agent) who can close out games is the easiest option but not the greatest. (jerry stackhouse)

otherwise we can make a trade but im not proposing anything! easiest option for trade can be jamal crawford!

 2. We NEED a defensive center bigger than 6'10! Samuel Dalembert, Javale Mcghee, Marcus Camby, Emeka Okafor are some decent options!! 

  3. We should trade Yao for teams needing to save money.  Hornets, Hawks, Jazz (ewww i know), Bobcats, Nuggets, Kings, Wizards are some options!!

And no more debates on who should run the point, Brooks or Lowry!! just put Battier at t he point!! 

Please Comment any thoughts

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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