The Allstar Weekend is just around the corner

Well, the Allstar weekend is coming around, and I was thinking why not compare all the Allstar Games, not weekends but the main games to each other. There will be 5 games I will compare, The MLB, The NFL, The NBA, The NHL, and the MLS (yes they actually do have an allstar game!).

How the will be judged:

1) Importance, nothing is more important to a rank than the game actually being important.

2) Entertainmentness (excuse my grammar) Everybody loves to watch fun cool games so yah :)

3) Something different, everybody likes a great surprise right? :D

4) How the players look at it, if the players don't care, Why should we care right?

#5) The Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is is absolute crap. Let me just put it this way, 1. You're not allowed to sprint. 2. Once you're touched get on the ground 3. No blitzing?!?!?! 4. No hitting, only touching 5. Be as boring and unentertaining as possible. Those are the 5 rules to the probowl for players. IF, IF you bothered to watch it when it was on this year, you probably turned it off in a span of 5-10 minutes. The NFC went up literally  42-7 in the first half, 42-7!! It doesn't mean anything, it means a vacation to Hawaii for the players, that's all, a bunch of players have "injuries" during the Prowbowl anyway so they don't have to play. And it is very different, however in a bad way! Who wants to watch people jog and catch balls then lay on the ground. To be honest, they should give the players a plaque and maybe a small ceremony or something, and a free vacation to Hawaii. Nobody cares about the Probowl...get rid of it....PLEASE

4) The NHL Allstar Game

I'm not a huge hockey fan but I know some stuff about it. Let's start somewhere cool, they made it like a street hockey game, 2 captains picking their teams! That's so sick. It definately is different in a good way :). Entertainment though...They don't hit too hard in the game and there's no defence like most all star games, this year's game ended I believe 10-11. Unheard of in Hockey. Compared to say the NBA allstar game though, I think the players care as much as the NBA players do, the game doesn't have a real defined meaning, but it's a great honor. It's a fun little game for them, it's entertaining to Hockey fans (I think) and it should stay, maybe they can make the NBA Allstar game a blacktop pickupgame sometime.

3) NBA Allstar Game

No, I didn't skip the MLS game, just clarifying for all the people who want to stop reading right now. Now this is pretty much the same as the NHL game, there's the same degree of importance to it, the difference factor is a little down though, but it's still cool. What puts the NBA allstar game above the NHL is the entertainmentness of it (I'm being bias right now). Tell me a person who doesn't like to see Shaquille O'neal trying to crossover people at the 3 point line and I will hit them upon the head with something, because that is entertainment! Also, unlike in the pro bowl and the NHL game, no defence makes the game somewhat better, more dunks, more shots, more points, who doesn't like that for a game that doesn't matter?

2) MLS Allstar Game

America vs The world. America vs The world. America vs The world. America vs The world. May I say it more? That is the one factor that puts it over the other 3 games, a chance for the best MLS players to get on one team and play international club teams like Manchester United this year. Soccer though is only really for people who understand or play the game, I can get why some of yall will be flipping your chair if you read this, it's a matter of opinion, and like I said importance is all that matters, and I think our country is somewhat pretty damn important.

1) MLB Allstar Game

Importance, this game means everything. Home field advantage in the World Series! HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE! How cool is that! Just like the MLS having USA vs The world this game has the homefield up for stake, and that's why it's #1. Now on the difference part, every team is forced to have an allstar participate, so us Houstonians actually get to see people in the Allstar game, unlike with the NBA game. Entertainment, it's baseball, what can you expect, but it's the best players at every position playing baseball, other than important regular season games, the playoffs, and this game, I don't watch baseball. But it's sort of entertaining to me. Also, the players try in this game, on both sides of the ball, because they have something important that they're playing for. Importance effects everything, how the players play the game, the entertainment of it, EVERYTHING.

So, I know there's gonna be people who don't agree with me, it's okay, I'm a pretty messed up person with opinions, feel free to yell flame and troll in the comment section!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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