A look ahead

The Rockets have been on a nice little win steak as of late winning the past 3 of 4. 

Take a jump with me to look at the upcoming rockets schedule in February.  


Houston Rockets schedule

Date/ Opponent/ Opponent /Record/ Prediction/ Comments

Tue Feb 8 -------------Minnesota----------------- 12-39----- W-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hopefully Rocks can pull it out

Sat Feb 12------------ Dallas -----------------------36-15---- L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dallas in the regular season? They scare me. 

Mon Feb 14----------- Denver---------------------- 30-22 ----W---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Denver is good. We won last time we played, but they should have some more guys back by then. 

Wed 16 ---------------Philadelphia----------------- 23-27--- W-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Philly doesn't scare me at home.  That said I could still see the rockets pull out a massive amount of suck here. 


18-20 All Star Break



Tue 22----------------- @Detroit---------------------- 19-32-- W---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Im glad to see TMac doing well. I always supported him. That said I still hope we crush him. 

Wed 23----------------- @Cleveland----------------- 8-44--- W --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Away game on the second night of a back to back? Thank god its the cavs who just cant seem to win a game. 



Feb. 24 Trade Deadline


Sat 26 -------------------New Jersey------------------ 15-37--- W ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The nets this year are improved... as in they are no longer working to not be the worst team ever. They still suck. 

Sun 27------------------ @New Orleans-------------- 32-21-- L--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Orleans has been good this year. While they are no long tearing it up like they were at the beginning of the year they are still really good. I miss you Trevor. 



Overall Record with the wins: 34-31( YAY above .500)

Look for the rockets to use this month to get above .500. The schedule for the rest of the month actually looks really nice, a make up of sorts for the evil things the nba schedulers have been doing to them the rest of the year. If we win the ones against sub .500 teams we could round out February with a 9-3 record which we desperately need if we have any hope of even sniffing the playoffs. How well we do these next few games could very well determine how big of a trade we swing for. If the team is doing well we could make a big trade as we would have a real chance at the playoffs. 


Or D.M could just not do anything as we are doing well already. Who really knows what to expect with that guy. 

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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